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VIC SPEEDING fines and hundreds of other penalties will soar after an astonishing backflip by the Bailli

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Yeah, looks like time to cash in...
    It keeps getting better and better doesn't it....](*,)](*,)


  2. This is a failing of the public

    people vote new governments in thinking that things will change

    they never do they just get worse
  3. I think you'll find that the two parties who people think they alternately vote in are in fact one party. Our governments are populated by shape-shifters.

    But at this point in the movie nobody believes me.
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  4. ...and they wonder why people don't take their speed mantra seriously <shakes head>
  5. No because any gov will always need to cash up..
    And remember the 3rd (TAC) and 4th (VicPol) governments never change and they'll always get their way....
  6. This is a bit different to normal... There is an outright admission here that this is for revenue raising purposes... Has someone stuffed up, or am I reading this wrong? This is essentially an admission that this is purely for revenue raising and has nothing to do with safety...
  7. Have the fines not risen since 2004, or did I misread the article? If they haven't then pretty-well any government in power would be thinking about it nearly 8 years on.....
  8. Perhaps you should re-read the article...
  9. I do - its called the left-right paradigm
  10. +1

  11. Time reveals all lies eh. Pure revenue raising and nothing else.

    The TAC are corrupted by their own rhetoric
    Vicpol are corrupted by their power trip
    The Government is corrupted by money

    ....nothing to see here.
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  12. C*nts
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  13. Finally, an admission by the Premier no less that that one of the objectives of penalties is revenue raising. Of course, the government will still maintain that another objective is safety, and as Chef has previously argued the police have their own objective of compliance.

    However, my main issue with penalties is that the magnitude of the fines (as motorcyclists we are often issued multiple fines for what should be one offence e.g. lane splitting) are overly punitive to the point of draconian given the offence committed (it appears we get fined more for incurring the risk of harm than actually causing harm e.g. cupcakes), and reeks of the mantra "kick them while they're down".