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QLD Speeding fine...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lazygrunt, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I was riding home at night, when I over took a slow moving vehicle who was in the right lane. It turned out it was an unmarked police car. He told me I was doing 105 In a 70 zone. I was speeding but not 105.I was on a DR650 which has no light in the speedo so I can’t be sure. I told the cop this and he proceeded to tell me that the bike is defective… Does anyone have similar story or advice???

  2. You told the cop that you couldn't see the speedo?! - Just pay the fine, dude. You can't win now.
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  3. Which state are you in?
  4. Yeah i know i'll have to pay up, But in regards to the speedo, is the bike defective without a light in it. The DR650 is pretty much stock. Thanks for the reply[DOUBLEPOST=1356585899][/DOUBLEPOST]
  5. I was worried you're in NSW which would have meant double demerits.

    As for the speedo light, I'm surprised it doesn't have one.
  6. The bike passed a road worthy and has rego... How can it be defective?
  7. Sketchy Roadworthy
    Get your money back from the mechanic and put it towards your fine.
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  8. ha ! good luck with that...
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  9. Never admit to anything while talking to cops that's rule number 1 isn't it?
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  10. He really didn't like being overtaken hehe.
    He gave you 105 because it was the max he could before you were in real big trouble....110 is 40 ova and not good for you.... or him, as he will have a lot of paperwork.
    You could contest it and have the fine reduced...or maybe not..it's a bit of a roll of the dice. And can cost more than the fine in the long run.
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  11. Yeah he did seem pissed off. I should of shut my mouth in hindsight. We were travelling up a hill and a swear he slowed down to try and bait me. He was in a little VW Golf.[DOUBLEPOST=1356593588,1356591642][/DOUBLEPOST]Thanks for the replies everyone... Time to buy a new speedo and watch for unmarked cars.
  12. Wait he was in a VW Golf? I've never heard of any Australian police forces using that car...was he even on duty? I don't think an off duty cop can issue fines...

    Can't you argue circumstances out of your control led you to speed? What if you say the light broke only when you were riding past the cop? You couldn't see the speedo so your speed increased. Doubt that can be attributed to any negligence on your part. If you get a roadworthy certifying that one of the items fixed was the speedo light I reckon that might help you.

    Whatever though just write a letter or something give it a crack. If they still make you pay so be it...
  13. Since when are VW golfs unmarked cars? Id ask to see the proof he has you were speeding
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  14. I don't know and/or I don't remember works well for me :)
  15. Haha were you on the North side of Brisvegas ????
    That little Golf has been used as a few things .... Started life as an unmarked camera car. Pretty funny that thing is still around, must be three years old now
  16. Yeah, no shit it was a VW golf out at Samford valley. In regards to the speedo is why I posted... I'm not sure if the Stock DR650 even comes with a light on the speedo.. I thought there might be mitigating circumstances to why I was speeding. Even though we all know it’s no fun riding around a mountain behind a slow vehicle[DOUBLEPOST=1356599817][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Yep, never even heard of one before...Keep and eye out![DOUBLEPOST=1356599911][/DOUBLEPOST]
  17. They have a few more other types too :) but that Golf was made famous on the net before. Think he booked a record on the Kingsford Smith one day.
    Heading north for the holidays... There are three unmarked rodeo 4WD's fully rigged with camera's :) A black one, a maroon and a silver one. Kinda tray backs with big canopies on the back. All nicely fitted out with accessories too.
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  18. Thanks...
    You obviously have good contacts ….
  19. There's a VW Golf getting around the Gold Coast too.
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  20. Untitled.
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