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NSW Speeding fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lemontree, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a speeding fine and on my Ps (in NSW). Is it possible to get a friend to take it on his full license? He does not have a riders license though. Will the RTA spot this out?

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    No and yes.

    And best not to leave evidence of plans to commit fraud on the internets.

  3. "87crisis" gives a Nod to smileedude for this useful post.

    **** YOU NR
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  4. How long until your greens?

    if your very concerned about suspension perhaps your only option is to delay it so long that you are on your green P's and can afford to lose the 4 points.

    Im assuming you have no good enough mates/family members with R class licenses, dont stat dec it to someone with out a riders license. You will get caught, then you will get ****ed in the arse.
  5. The photo will have a p plate in it, no?
  6. eh doesn't matter about a p plate, a mate did the same thing and got away with it
  7. Past performance is no indication of future performance,
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    You may get away with it, but the penalty for making misleading statements on a stat Dec is up to 3 years imprisonment. Not something I would ever risk.

    Btw you have a very good friend there. If someone asked me to sign a stat Dec saying i was speeding on a vehicle I wasn't licensed to drive, they would probably get a smack to the gob.

  9. Sell the fine to someone here. We'll see what it costs you ;)

    First offer anyone?

  10. I'll up you to $1200.

  11. Hard to take you serious mate... the RMS might have their share of stumble-bums but I think they may be capable of marrying up license types.
  12. yeah...only cops will **** up license type's =D thank ****.
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  13. i'll let this slide...for now.

    i'll let the comedy win jack...for now.
  14. To be fair on Justus, this thread is pretty funny.:)
  15. Everyone above me got trolled, surely.
  16. Yup. Trolled.