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Speeding fine whilst in New Zealand

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by scotty134, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. G'day,

    Dad got a speeding fine for begin 17 over the 50 km/h limit in NZ in a rental car. $120 is the fine. Quick question - what happens if he doesn't pay? In any other country I'd say nothing will happen unless you ever go back there but NZ is practically a state of Australia given the visa requirements so legally what can the NZ Justice Department do about it if he doesn't pay?

    Any loop holes that can be used to get out of it? Nominate a different driver? We have no idea who was actually driving when the car was photographed but the rental was in his name so he cops it!

  2. If there are no demerit points involved, I'd be inclined to cop it sweet. It's not like the NZ dollar's actually worth anything :wink: .

    Seriously though, it's worth considering, just to avoid potential complications with future car hire or travel to NZ. It could really bugger a future holiday up to be arrested for unpaid fines.

    $120 isn't much to go to elaborate lengths to avoid, so I'd say either cough up or ignore it completely.
  3. pay up. $120 is nothing in comparison to >15km over here. Tell him to enjoy it. No demerit points!
  4. Id pay the fine also ,to many good times to be had in the NZ ski fields
  5. $120 NZD = approx $95.10 AUD at time of posting
    Just pay the damn thing
  6. Write a letter and ask them what happens if you don't pay:

    Dear NZDRO,

    I am an Australian citizen who has returned home already after receiving a small speeding fine in your beautiful country.

    Although the information is not available to you, I have a very good driving record in Australia and sincerely regret that I was not aware I was speeding at the time of the offence.
    I humbly apologise for this accidental indiscretion, and would like to request that the matter be downgraded to a warning if possible.

    If this is not possible, could you please advise me of the legal procedure and consequences concerning challenge or non-payment with regard to this matter? So that I may deal with it as swiftly as possible.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  7. I've warned you before, stop doing my job! (kidding, good letter..) :grin:
  8. Great idea!

    It's not about the money, I know it's bugger all in comparison to what you'd get hit with in Australia but its the principle. He isn't an unsafe driver and he put nobody at risk etc. etc. let's not go into it!

    Thanks for your advice.
  9. you might want to point out in your letter that here in vic drivers with good records can apply to be given a caution instead of a fine for minor infringements
  10. Some people are always looking for Lou Poles :cool:

    Actually what can sometimes happen is that if your Dad paid for the rental car by Credit Card - the rental co pay it using your card (after a time, if it hasn't been paid - it could be in their Terms & Conditions. Check it.
  11. New Zealands balance of payments relies on your pissant 100 bux. Pay up, you International Criminal Fine Dodger.
    It is a bit pissweak to ask here, about dodging your self imposed Grief.

    Respect our trans Tasman ANZAC Brothers in arms, and bloody well pay up, or else they will release that video of you shagging a sheep.
  12. So too, then is the US and many Asian countries.

    NZ is no more "practically" a state of Oz than Kowloon Island is.

    Whatever, non-payment of the fine may cause him problems for future visits to the place.

    When an engineer from the US was here a few years back working on a project with us he got done for .05. It was .055 or something like that, back around the time that the government cracked down on the leeway given for 05. The copper said that if he didn't want to bother with it, and simply returned to the US he'd hear nothing more from it. But the guy being what he was paid the fine (he didn't "lose" his licence). Thing is it was a good thing that he did as we needed him back here a year later...

    As for being over, he had dinner and shared a bottle of red with his wife. He was returning a video and a RBT bus got him. So, it doesn't take much to get you to that magic number, particularly as you get older.
  13. They will probably send increasingly nasty letters then they'll write it off. That's what happens here. Some of the Japanese guys I used to work with went home after a few years with thousands of dollars owing on their Victorian licences. Some of the younger guys had a competition to see who could get the most speeding tickets over their last weekend in the country.

    The point was that if they came back - the fines would go undetected if they were caught because they'd be driving on their Japanese/International licences.

    One of my favourite possessions is a "Certificate of Delinquency" from Laguna Beach California. I picked up a parking ticket there years ago and never paid it and I kept getting notices till finally I got notification that I was a Certified Delinquent. :LOL:

    They don't follow up minor infringements overseas, the computer just keeps spitting out letters and notices and when it gets to the end it just gets cancelled (and even if it doesn't there's a statute of limitations in California anyway). Certainly I've been back and hired cars there (from the same company) since then and nothing's happened.

    If it had been a speeding ticket though, that's different - in some US jurisdictions if you are from overseas or interstate you accompany the cop to court and you are dealt with on the spot. That happened to a friend of ours who was fined $25 for 10 mph over. The cop made her follow him into town and she was processed on the spot. :roll:
  14. There's one word too many on that notification's title....


    How'd last night go?
  15. i believe the penalty for any aussie who doesn't pay a fine incurred in NZ is, when they catch him, he is forced to moved to NZ permanently and start shortening every vowel they speak. plus you have to agree with them when they tell you how much better it is over this side of the "dutch" :LOL:
  16. Given that the default limit over there is 50 are you suggesting your old man didnt know he was doing 67 (probably 70 with the reduction).

    For 20k over he'd be shot here. Pay up.
  17. screw the fine, don't ever go back and save your cash.
  18. Yeah and get a visit from a Commodore load of Bros.