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Speeding Fine! :( [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MrtypeR, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. So the other morning i was riding my motorbike when i got pulled over by a cop on a motorbike too. He said he was behind me and i was pulling away from him.

    He ended up giving me a speeding fine which says i was speeding at approximately 15-25 kms over the speed limit!!

    How can he can give me a fine without actuall proof?? Do i have any grounds to dispute?

    anyone else been in this situation!!


    mind you the street he got me on was like 250 mtrs before i was then braking to turn!! how tight was this copper!... and 5 mins earlier i actually passed him and gave him a nod (he didnt nod back) must have done a u-turn and nabbed me.... grrrrrrrr

  2. Re: Speeding Fine! :(

    It happened to me and a friend of mine about a year ago. He took off quicker then me at the lights and the cop sitting behind us at the traffic lights (neighter of us saw him back there) went after him. Pulled both of us over at the next traffic light and gave him a warning as he claimed that he was not locked on to him for long enought to detect his speed (lucky). But having said that I now think they have the power to make reasonable assumption about your speed. Hope this helps.
  3. Re: Speeding Fine! :(

    I don't know the tecnicalities, but I thought that they had to show on the fine what speed you were doing?? On the fine, has he actually shown the speed that he has fined you for?
  4. Re: Speeding Fine! :(

    he said to me he was doing 70 and i was pulling away from him?!!! how could he tell what my exact speed is though.... he wrote on the fine 15-24kms over the limit... no actual number!

    This was in a 50km/hr street apparently too!.

    He even said to me he didnt have a camera locked onto me but he still gave me the fine... such crap!

    i mean... what if i was doing 60... how can he judge the fact it was 70 or more in a matter of 4 seconds (cause thats how long i was on this street!!)... was a 3 demerit points loss and $236 fine!!
  5. Re: Speeding Fine! :(

    I am afraid that traffic police estimation of speed is generally considered accurate by a court. It was a 50k zone, he was doing 70k so I think you are out of luck.
  6. Re: Speeding Fine! :(

    the answer to all your questions is that he is trained to estimate speed, and that his word will stand, no matter how hardly done by you feel you are
  7. Re: Speeding Fine! :(

    oh yeah a 22 yr old cop is going to have a better estimate of speed then someone who has been driving 20 years
  8. who said he was 22 years old, and who ignored that I said that the Police a TRAINED to estimate speed

    and the fact that the bike was carrying illegal modifications might have had something to do with it....
  9. Technicalities aside, if you fight it, who is the judge going to side with???
  10. but honestly how could he tell i was doing say 15 over compared to 10 over.... i mean i would have only got 1 demerit point lost and $140 fine instead... u need to have proof... thats what i reckon!! such a bs fine... i think cause it was end of month.. he needed to get his quota!... :(
  11. That may well be the case, but long years of experience, mine and others', says that he DOESN'T need proof.....
  12. If it was a 50 zone, and he was doing 70, then he was doing 20 over. If you were pulling away from him you were doing more than 20 over.

    I don't think you've got much wriggle room - he may not be able to judge your speed, but he knows his speed quite accurately, and if you were going faster...
  13. As above. If it was a 50 zone and if he was doing 70 and you were still increasing the gap, even over a relatively short distance, then I would think you did well to get the estimation you did as that works out at 70+. If you were speeding but just find it a bit hard to swallow then you will probably just have to suck it up. Of course if you are quite sure you were not speeding at all, then you could always seek legal advice and challenge it at court.
  14. hornet, do you know whether part of the police training for speed estimation involves them passing any kind of test to show how accurate they are at estimating the speed of one moving vehicle while riding in (or on) another moving vehicle? I'm curious because the speed cameras have to be calibrated at certain intervals, but I'd be surprised whether police officers have to regularly sit a test to show that they can accurately measure speed.

    Given that humans are generally pretty bad at that kind of estimation, and given that the consensus seems to be that the word of a police officer will stand up in court on the basis that he or she is trained to estimate speed, I'd like to know what measures are taken to validate the effectiveness of that training. I mean, you'd like to know that your doctor passed her medical exam. Or that the pilot of your Boeing 747-400 passed flight school and his accreditation on the aircraft he is flying. I've spent enough time in front of a class to know all too well that training and learning don't automatically go hand in hand.
  15. If you really want to fight it, then ask a good lawyer for advice.
  16. Pay the fine and make sure you use your mirrors a bit more when speeding.
  17. That doesn't sound right.

    The TIN will have a box in which he has to write down the detected or alleged speed, then other boxes with the related offence and the penalties.

    He can't say "15 to 25" over.

    As the guy above this post said, if you think you've been shafted, then spend the dough and see a solicitor.
  18. So he was speeding too! Ah!

    But they can do that, 'cos they're the pigs.
  19. Yep. Pigs can fly.


    If you WERE speeding. Then I sy cop it on the chin. Consider it a speeding tax, I speed every single
    Day 99% of us do.

    Ao when the day comes once a year or so to pay my speeding tax. I cough up.
  20. LOL you nay sayers can argue about it all you like but fact is they are considered experts at judging speed and are quite within their rights to book you from just following you to estimate that speed. Police cruisers have calibrated speedos for this reason so they can either sit behind you at a constant speed and if you're pulling away they know you were going faster than them. They can also use known distance roadside objects like highway markers etc to time you between and work out your speed. They can also put a range on the notice if they don't have a laser or lidar with them to note an exact speed and have estimated, they aren't required to show you anything by law.

    You'd also be amazed how accurately many cops can gauge your speed from just you passing them.