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speeding fine - advice!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ryan23, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. hi there

    ive got a quick question

    i recently got a speeding ticket but it was under unusual circumstances
    i was goin down hill and was clocked by a cop for doin 80 in a 60 zone!

    however!! cop was hiding in one the houses along the road? (is this legal?)
    i know normally they are hiding in a car parked along the side of the road with a flash thingy sticking out but to personally hid in someone elses houses and manually walking out onto the road to stop the car (is this legal?)

    i heard from a friend that a recent current affair covered a similar topic to this where cops had hid the cameras in the bin and this is illegal?

    any advice is greatly appreciated

  2. From what I remember of that TV report, the only thing the cops need is the permission of the owner of the property. If they've got that, or even if the owner doesn't protest them using the property, you're screwed. (Unless you know the owner and can pull a favour!). Sorry.
  3. Which state are you in?
  4. The laws do differ slightly from state to state on what is/isn't allowed, might help if we knew which one you're in.
  6. You want advice?

    Pay the fine!

    You were speeding and got caught!

    Bad luck dude, but think about all those times you did it and got away with it.

  7. :wink:
  8. Does he have a Photo, did he show you the radar? Maybe you could contest it if there were any other vehicles such as the one who's blind spot you were trying to get out of, but he kept speeding up, so why wasn't he pulled over? Did you talk to him if so what did you say, word for word? Far too many variables to cover but the best way to get out of a speeding fine always has been "Don't Speed"
  9. you were speeding and you want a way to get away with it cos you weren't expecting a cop to catch you? :?

    You were caught doing something that's illegal and you're looking for a way to shift the blame. Good to see it's not just the insurance world where people are looking to blame others :roll:
  10. man maybe i shld have contested

    i was driving my rover mini! and yes maybe i was goin alittle fast but no way will i hit 80 or like he said 87 when i was goin down the hill!

    i didnt look at the radar and there was a car in front of me! crap!!!
    it was a one lane when goin down hill then it splits into 2 lane after the hill which is where u pulled me over - maybe cos i the driver went onto the right lane while i got onto the left lane!!!

    hmm...he just said he clocked me at blah blah...i could have lost my license for a month if he had me down at 87! instead of 80 which he did!...

    then he gave me a ticket and asked if i had any question! i said no n that was it!

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