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NSW Speeding error margin to be removed, more safety cams

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by alexanderino, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

    Thoughts? :popcorn:

  2. time to invest in paitball guns :p
  3. Hmmm... I'm sure someone here is clever enough to have auto-aiming and auto-shooting paintball guns which can be mounted onto the front of the bike :D

    Having said that, there's still have to be some sort of "camera" error margin, right, or am I wrong here?
  4. We've had that 3kph margin in VIC for a few years.
    Don't think they'll change that here as the loss of revenue it raises would muck up the Victorian budget...
  5. Loss of revenue? My interpretation was that you can get pinged for 1km/h over now..
  6. Yah... that's the way I read it too!
  7. I wonder if as in Great Britain people will become so sick of this by the governments that they will begin to vandalise the cameras such as a few old tires hung around them and set alight for example
  8. Don't know what they're doing in NSW, but in VIC you would normally need to be 4kph over to get pinned..
    In other words, if you're detected at 4kph hour over in a 60 zone, you TIN will have detected speed 64kph, infringment notice speed 61kph (1 k over)..
    That's for all speed zones except for the 110kph zones which is treated like a 100kph zone.
    So in a 110k zone, if you're detected at 114kph, they take off 3kph then be pinned for 11kph over the limit.

    That's from my understanding and it seems right due to people I know who've shown my their TINs in the past...

    It's all ridiculous really.
    When they brought in the 3kph margin, my mother (never had a ticket in her life!) all of a sudden got a couple of tickets one of which was detected 54 so pinned for 51 in a 50 and another detected 66 so 63 in a 60 zone...
    Remember laughing when she was concerned that she thought she must be becoming a dangerous driver....
    Of course she didn't know about sending a letter in asking to be let off (someting that was secretly available but kept quiet for a long time) due to her impecable driving history and just paid the fines..

    And they wonder why we all consider this crap margin just a revenue raising scam...
  9. I love it when the premier and roads minister come out and say "we'd be happy not to collect 1 cent from out "safety cameras" BULL#$*! I'd like to see people station themselves before each speed camera for a week and demand drivers slow down through the zone. What would happen?, the protesters would get charged with some made up offence and the premier and road minister would come out and say that safety is being compromised or some crazy made up load of crap.
  10. There's the margin that they tell the public they use, and then there is the margin that they actually use but never admit to. Not the same.

    But answer me this: the cabinet of a government facing almost certain death is said to be introducing a law that is certain to lose it a vast numbers of votes. The story comes out in an openly hostile publication one day before the election. What is wrong with this picture?

    Edit:didn't read the attribution properly. Source may not be as hostile as I had thought.
  11. The usual 3km/h margin will still be there, but the secret one will be gone, ie, previously you would have had to be doin 107km/h to be booked in a 100 zone, then they drop the three off & you get done for 103. Now, 104, bang, done for 101km/h in a 100 zone.

    That's my understanding anyway...

    As above, I've always assumed 107 is the danger zone. I've never seen a TIN (mine or others) with 1km/h over, surely you could get that thrown out of court as frivolous?
  12. Agree you probably could get it thrown out of a court. (depending on your driving record)
    But I'd say how many people would want to lose time and possibly a days wages going to court over $100 - $120 (not sure of exact fine for low speeding offence)
    Many will just pay the fine as it's more convenient and easy revenue for the coffers.
  13. There's the rub, isn't it Joe... Innocent until proven guilty, provided you've the monetary freedom to stand up & prove you're innocent.

    That said, the lowest speed I've seen on a TIN was 64 in a 60 zone, after taking the 3km off (so 67 originally), anyone seen any less?
  14. Too the senior members on here;
    What was life like before speed cameras? Would drivers just going around everywhere with their foot flat too the floor crashing into and killing everything in sight? Were the roads littered with burning car wrecks and dead kittens? Did white crosses line the streets outside a school?
  15. yeah my mother... that detected 51 in a 50 taking off that 3 so 54...
    Think it was a time when they were cracking down in her area..

    Being my mother, she always pays her bills when they arrive and told me about it a few days after she'd already paid it....](*,)
    Had she told me first, I would have written that letter for her!
  16. I missed that in your previous post Joe, sorry.

    That really sucks balls. Was that a speed camera or cop?
  17. The hilarity.
  18. Dont stop for flashing lights.
    Slow down to 20k under the limi like all the penisheads do when they come on a speed camera then after speed up to 50ks over like thay all do.
    Plate fliper for the mobile cameras.
  19. And remember to bring bail money for when the cops find the plate flipper and put you in the back of the paddy wagon.
  20. No both her tickets were camera...
    I doubt any cop would even bother pulling over some senior lady in a Honda for those speeds!
    That's my beef with cameras.
    No human element and just a technical scam...

    Pretty sure is was soon after when the then road minister with Lay came out with all that 100 means 100, 60 means 60 rubbish which I think was the introduction of the 3kph margin...