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Speeding / Dangerous Driving

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grange, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Maybe now, that it's starting to warm up a bit, it's time to remember to take a bit of caution when driving / riding.

    Even if it takes an extra minute or two to get somewhere, the actions that you take can be catastrophic, not only to yourself, but many others.

    You can't control what others do on the road, but a bit of observance of what is happening around may just save a life....

    This clip is a combination of tv adds, actual police footage, and is very graphical in it's display of trying to get it's message shown....

  2. This was disturbing...
  3. I've seen that before.
    It's a very good reminder how things can get pear shaped quickly.
    Unfortunately, I doubt everyone here will see it as what it's supposed to be, a well meaning warning...
  4. indeed, the mentality among most of the latest crop of Netriders is that laws are stupid and meant to be broken, and that if anything DOES go wrong, it will happen to someone else...
  5. Even though a lot of the video are from extreme situations that rarely occur, it's still very sobering. The parts about the sinking realisation about what's just happened in some of the ads is particularly poignant.

    Thanks for a not-so-subtle reminder about our responsibilities on the road. It's too easy to become complacent.
  6. if you're not going to think about it in any other way, think about the poor Policeperson who is going to have to go round to your house and break the news to your loved ones.......
  7. 1minute35 holy moly that is the definition of UNLUCKY right there..
  8. What a sobering reminder to take it easy. Some very disturbing footage.

  9. sadly there are a large number of people who will never get the hint until things DO go wrong.
    i've seen a similar vid a few times, though this one has additional footage i haven't seen. it makes my skin crawl. i'm on the road 7 hours a day in something that will do a lot more damage than a car and things going wrong is always on my mind.
    just last week i was very nearly killed because i lost concentration on a corner. was very lucky to walk away with nothing more than a stiff neck (no other vehicles involved)
  10. I'd have taken it a lot more seriously if it hadn't included the guy getting knocked off his bike by space aliens footage :wink:.
  11. laws are stupid and meant to be broken :)

    Seriouisly, I'll take speed limits seriously when the government does.
  12. Exactly what I thought... when it's time, it's time?
  13. Rose-tinted windows? That mentality has existed here since day dot. If anything, I'd say that there's law-abiders on here nowadays than before. I think you're just getting older and grumpier, or perhaps the absence of gegvasco's single-minded assualt on all things not-beige has you thinking this way.
  14. I agree with the message of being attentive on the road as most of those (note: most) clips are accidents caused by inattentiveness and also recklessness, not from speeding. In other words 'Time and place'. Although I do agree that speeding did make a fair few of those accidents alot worse then they would of been if no speeding was involved.

    But, my sister in-law put that same video up on facebook and the very first comment was 'Speeding is not cool but a FOOL.'. So basically the thing that person got was not to speed, but it's fine not to pay attention, that's what gets my blood boiling.
  15. Please keep in my mind that the video that aren't real life footage, are based on real stories, I.e they have happened.
    Keep safe peoples :angel: