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Speeding as a source of revenue - nothing has changed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rider5, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. This link makes great reading from Hansard 1907.

    here's a taster from the Earl Russell and one from Lord Montague of Beaulieu whose descendents now own the wonderful motorcycle musuem in the UK.

    "There are many objections of the most serious character to an artificial speed limit quite apart from the objection of the motorist himself. One objection is that it makes into a crime an act which may not be criminal or anti-social in its character. It is impossible for anyone to say that it is always and in all places an anti-social act to go over twenty miles an hour. What it is possible to say and what ought to be emphasised, though it is not emphasised now, is that it is an anti-social act, and should be a criminal act, to drive in such a way as to endanger any other human being."

    Lord Montague:
    "I am entirely in sympathy with what the noble Earl said with regard to police traps. In my opinion they are manifestly absurd as a protection to the public, and they are used in many counties merely as a means of extracting money from the passing traveller in a way which reminds one of the highwaymen of the Middle Ages."


    It seems clear to me that the game was as transparent then as it is now.
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  2. And, as evidenced by the reference to highwaymen in the Middle Ages, no-one has found a way to stop them doing it over many hundreds of years.
  3. I liked this bit from the Marquess of Londonderry:
  4. Shit just stays the same.

    How did they deal with the highwaymen in the middle ages again?
  5. Well we did get a slight increase in speed limits but it looks like we'll be back to 20 mph soon enough...

    Ah yes. It's worth remembering that back in the day people used to carry weapons with them and it wasn't because it looked cool - they needed them to protect themselves. We no longer have that luxury as we outsourced our protection to the state and the police, which begs the question: how can we now protect ourselves against the state and the police? Sometimes I think that for all the trouble it causes in America today the founding fathers were onto something when they wrote the right to bear arms into the American constitution.
  6. Gotta love the separate sign saying 'For Road Safety' that they bolted to the poles below the 'Speed Camera Ahead' signs on the M1. Wasn't it Stalin who said something about repeating a lie long and loud enough?