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Speeding Appeals

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by conspiracytheorist, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Hey I'm sending in my appeal but can't remember who to send it to.

    Has someone who has sent in a written appeal confirm whether you just send it to:

    The Director
    State debt recovery office
    PO Bos 777
    Hunter Region MC NSW 2310

    (notice says to write there to alert them if I want it to be held at court, but I have a feeling I send it to the same place for appeals).


  2. Whatever is on the back of the ticket

    All the best with it and let us know how it goes
  3. Will do.

    I'm still riding until its resolved, which means I can still get to work for now :tantrum:

    Last time I put an appeal in it took 6 months + to get a reply. If the same happened I'd be on fulls.
  4. Infringement Processing Bureau
    PO Box 999
    Hunter Region Mail Centre
    NSW 2300

    On what grounds are you appealing the infringement?
  5. He's calling bullshit on the whole damn process.

    Hell yeah, Phizog! [​IMG]
  6. Thanks tweet, appreciated.

    I'm not appealing the fine or the speed I was apparently going (wasn't even looking at speedo - trying to see the turnoff for maccas for the henno ride meet). Just appealing them to let me keep my license (with the new laws, any speeding = bye bye P1 license, as you know). I'm on 7 points at the moment (haven't lost any - I'm on p2 for car). Asking them if its possible to consider not suspending my license as I will lose my job without it, and uni would be 4-5 hours travel a day instead of 1.5-2).
  7. Good luck as the judiciary has zero compasion when it comes to keeping your job if you lose your licence type things.
  8. I haven't read the wording in the new legislation, but it may not allow for discretion to be applied. If the wording states "a P1 license holder convicted of any speeding offence MUST have their license suspended for three months" or words to that effect, then you are screwed, no discretion can be applied, as the law clearly states "MUST" be suspended.

    If it is less defined, and discretion can be applied, then I would think you have no chance if pleading inconvenience, that is what suspensions are designed to do, inconvenience you. If you would lose your job, and there is no way you can be re-deployed at work etc then maybe, but based on increased travel time and inconvenience, I think it's a long shot given they want to punish naughty P1 riders/drivers. That said, it costs you a stamp and envelope and a bit of your time, so it can't get any worse.
  9. Yes, I will lose my job (and thus my whole income) if I lose my license.

    I realise its a long shot, but I'm not relying on them being nice, I'm relying on them taking a while to process it :wink:
  10. what work do you do that you must have the license, and could you be re-deployed to alternate role?
    And will your boss be prepared to tell a court you can't be re-deployed?

    They usually take a couple of months and often more, so you may be lucky, I can't see you winning here for any other reason than time.
  11. "Speeding Appeals": apparently it does!
  12. I don't need my license for the job, I need it to get there. With the increased travel time by public transport (4-6 times as long, several buses and a train involved :( ), I just couldn't get there on time whilst also being a full time uni student.

    Good one bonox :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.