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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zilly, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. What is the desired method for crossing speed bumps?

    Like cars - slam on the brakes and go over at under 10km/hr
    Take them sitting down but at any speed?
    Stand up in the pedals?
    avoid any roads with a speed bump?

    I am curious to which method is the best / safest. I have lately been tending to stand in the pedals and go over the speed bumps at around 40km/hr.

    Is there any reason I should go slowly, or faster, or stay seated?
  2. They are called foot pegs, yes you have the right idea just don't go fast enough to bottom the suspension or worse hit the sump on the top of the speed bump.
  3. Slow down, so your suspension does'nt take a hammering.
  4. As above and pull in the clutch if you are unsure about it.
  5. :shock:

    Perfect way to seat bounce yourself over the handlbars if you hit a sharp one. Gently accelerating is the way to go.
  6. i just put a little weight on the pegs rather than the seat and slow down to around the 25-40 mark depending how sharp it is
  7. I slow down to about 20km/hr depending on the size of the speedbump and then very gently accelerate at the last second to smooth it out a little.
  8. I actually said
    Which refered to:
    Yeah, rolling on throttle over a speedhump is real intelligent. :roll:
  9. I'm with PP

    I fly over em daily (3 of em on my street).

    I comfortable go over em at 60+km/h.

    Any braking is done prior to going over em; put pressure on pegs
    by lifting arse arse off seat & I pull clutch in just before going over
    em & ride the bump out pivoting knees as you go over.

    Whether thats correct or not, it works for me.

    Steeper the speed hump, the slower you go.. or go around em if
    thats an option :)
  10. I find its a bit like riding a horse at a trot - put more weight on your feet and allow the knees to work to lessen the bump on your body.

    I also find that rolling on a little throttle as the front wheel rises up the bump smooths the ride over the hump. Its possible that by taking a bit of weight off the front wheel converts the three stage bump (rise/flat/fall) into one smoother up and over - I don't know why. It works for me.

    I do the same in a car for the same reason and the same effect.

    Bottom line: a few ideas expressed here, try them all and do the one that you like best - just don't take them too fast.
  11. Your choice.
  12. Speed bumps are for cars!!

    If the gutters clear of sharp things go around them. I do.
  13. most of the ones i encounter are the smooth ones. The really sharp narrow ones I tend to slow down a lot more.

    From what everyone is saying, sounds like I am tackling them about right =D
  14. Move to Newport/Williamstown so all the speedbumps you encounter have a nice gap in the middle to ride straight through. :)
  15. Just stand on the pegs.. IMHO...with a constant speed. The bike "walks" over the humps with ease.

    If you choose to, it's better to be accelerating slightly than deccelerating when you hit the bump because it takes weight off the front wheel allowing it to ride over the obstacle easier.

    I see no valid reason to have the clutch in, putting more weight on the front wheel, when appraoching a bump.
  16. Hitting speedbumps at speed can eventually take its toll on things like fork seals and steering head bearings...

    ...Which is why I tend to pop huge wheelies over them. If you're going quick enough you can get a little jump going, then land on your back wheel and continue the wheelie. Cooool.
  17. I just slip down the side of em... but now that i actually think about it thats really stupid...

    imagine how much crap there could be on the side...
  18. Table top jump :LOL:
  19. Best post so far.