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Speed Zone Review

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by titus, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. The Vic government body responsible for developing strategy for the setting of speed zones, is conducting a review, and asking for feedback from the public (that's us!)


    If you don't want to be crawling around in a plethora of 40 zones in future, it might be worth letting them know what you think. :)
    Take advantage of it people - it's not often they even give a rats about what WE the public might want.
  2. Public feedback should be provided before 14 October 2005 to allow time for the Speed Limit Advisory Group to consider the comments before they report back to the Government by 18 November 2005.

    didn't leave us much time
  3. Here's what I stuck in there:

  4. I had a similar idea Loz, and devoted all of 5 minutes to a quick response. :LOL:

    I'd encourage people to reply, our speeding laws are nothing short of draconian when compared to other developed nations.
  5. Can anyone remember a link to those (probably heavily biased) US or UK reports that show how raising speed limits doesn't lead to mroe road fatalities or accidents?

    That sort of stuff needs to be throw at the people in question.

    I've got no trouble with local speed limits as they are in towns etc, if there's pedestrians around you've gotta slow down for everyone's safety. But freeways should be for drivers!
  6. Government wanting feedback on speed limits? I reckon the site is a fake :LOL:

    My nana got a leaflet in the mail the other day from the govt asking her if she wanted the speed limit on Kilby Rd in Kew to be increased to 60kph or retain the 50kph. Even though she's too blind to drive, I was proud to hear she voted for the increased limit :)

    The road is a single carriage way separated by a leafy median strip, and both sides have bicycle lanes. Why on earth you should need such a low limit in that zone is beyond me... It just goes to show that speed limits are not passed down from the heavens carved on stone tablets, but dreamed up by some knob in an office - and in the case of our 100kph freeway speed limit, dreamed up 40 years ago when the Toyota Crown was the performance family car.
  7. done :D

    i wanted to be rude, i really did.... but that wont get me anywhere eh :?
  8. I don't have a link to the actual source in the UK of the speed zone research, but motorcyclenews.com featured it a couple of months back. you could try searching there. It got into the UK press, too.
    I don't think the site is a fake - was advertised in Herald Sun today with State Gov. logo. I wonder if this is either a public relations exercise (ie. to be followed by a news item proclaiming public support for lower limits) or an attempt to genuinely find out how people feel, whatever the reason.
    Either way, can't do any harm to state your views.
  9. Here's mine, now back into the straight jacket for me.

  10. OK, well done. When filling in the form remember these guys are only concerning themselves with the actual limits themselves - not how they are enforced.
    I had a rant about unsuitable and irrational 80km/h limits in rural areas, and also blanket 40 zones. I noticed on the Vicroads site that - according to Vicroads - 40 zones are supposed to be only for school zones and busy shopping strips. Local councils imposing it across whole suburbs (Fitzroy for example) are in fact operating well outside the guidelines.
  11. I've put in my $0.02.
    My main criticism was varying speed limits excessively creating a society of road users more concerned over if the needle is over or under a number - diverting their attention away from the task at hand; safe road use!

    If there are laws against people using mobile phones, and laws against people driving drunk - then anything else that will inhibit your reaction times or ability to accurately perceive what is happening on the road around you should also not be tolerated. Simplify the speed limits and return to a standardised and rational 60km/h unless otherwise posted.
  12. Thanks Titus for bringing this to our attention coz I don't watch the news or read the papers...it would have slipped by me.

    I've responded, but I should say, not nearly as eloquently as you guys have :)

  13. I think it was Dan who was posting links to some of these sites. iirc there was a good UK by a guy who has been studying traffic for something like 10 years. There was also a good Australian one, I have since lost the links myself. Dan do you think you could post these links again? Thanks.
  14. The government actually wanting feedback from the public. This sounds like a bit of a joke to me. When does the government ever listen to the public. Even if someone was to come up with the most brilliant and logical idea for speed limit's on the roads, I'm 100% confident that the government would totally ignore this if it didn't suit their political needs.
  15. Did anyone else notice that when you hit the submit button it seemed to send and display the 'thankyou' page a little too quickly?
  16. Oh well, whether its a joke or not, i've put in my two cents.
    They are probably only doing this so they can implement what they want, but they can back it up saying, well we have taken feedback from the general public and they are fully supporting our choices.