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Speed Wobble

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shady_knife, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. okay i just went for a ride and got speed wobbles. yes i was speeding, i was doing roughly 140kmh.

    the thing that worries me is, what caused this? i've looked up speed wobble on wiki, but that didn't help, so what should i be looking for on/in the bike? what should i do if it happens again? i THINK i sped up as soon as it started then slowed and pulled over when it stopped. so what are possible causes?

    my seating position?
    speed? (obviously, although i've seen low speed wobbles around)
    bike in general?
    wind? (it wasn't that windy, a bit)
    road? (road was a bit dodgy, could have been that?)

    so yeah, whats the go? what should i look for?

  2. You ask lots of questions, but you don't provide any information.

    What sort of bike?

    Is it old or new?

    What weight are you?

    Are the tyres old or new?

    What's the condition of the front forks, rear shock(s)

    What road surface?

    Was it raining, or dry, dusty or clean?



    Get the picture?

    You don't go to the doctor and expect a diagnosis without supplying some information for him to go on, do you?
  3. kk.

    im 6"4' i weigh around 70kg + gear.

    my bikes a 2007 hyosung gt250r with 15,000k's. i got it second hand.

    bike weighs around 170kg.

    i have no idea how old the tires are, but they still have fairly deep tread.

    condition of the shocks, i have no idea. im not very mechanically minded.

    road surface was bitumen, but it was an old road, so a bit dodgy, was fairly clean.
  4. My guess is the suspension is poorly set up.
  5. Given that you have no idea, my assumption is that you were death gripping the bars too much, not allowing the suspension to do its job and causing the shakes. Relax and weight the pegs, not the bars.
  6. My guess is at a combination of both factors. I'd suggest that you get your local Hyosung dealer to give you some help with the suspension set-up, and that riding, and more riding, will cure your death-grip problem.

    Mind you, I wouldn't go round advertising that my bike didn't handle that well at 40kph over the speed limit :roll:.
  7. death grip is...? puting to much down force on the handle bars?
  8. Gripping the bars too tightly and making your upper body to rigid.
  9. mmm thanks.
  10. With this starement in another thread;
    I'd be learning to ride before complaining about any possible bike short commings :roll:
  11. didn't realise i was complaining, i was merely wondering what could have caused it, as i don't want it to happen again. and i don't mean last fri/sun.

    but yeah thanks for the positive input 2wheels.
  12. Don't worry about the bike, I know its a hyodung but it shouldn't be an issue (my friends hyo 650's tank was 'a bit loose' though hehe). I've been flat chat on a few 250s, and a few were old and thrashed to pieces. At 170+ indicated they were still fine (in a straight line ;) ).
  13. I found the problem!
  14. i feel like im finally part of the holden/ford debate -____-
  15. Its not a brand versus another, its those in the know vs. those who aren't.

    Hyosungs have an unacceptable chance of something failing, whether it be bars snapping, dropping valves, parts not on correctly, sidestand switches failing, etc. etc.

    That said, they are cheaper than their equivalent brands (although not by much), still ride fine, sound good, look great, etc. Its just the build quality that stops them from being worth it, otherwise I'd possibly own one.
  16. Keep to the speed limit until you get the bike looked at and until you get some more riding time under your belt.
  17. BAAHAHHAHAHAhahh i dont belive you havent seen the problem

    2007 hyosung gt250r

    now there is your problem!

    how cant it be solved well...
  18. tires?: Set them to the correct pressure and as long as they are not scalloped or sporting flat spots then they are fine.

    my seating position?: Highly unlikey unless you sit side saddle and even then.... although as mentioned, holding the bars too tightly won't help.

    speed? (obviously, although i've seen low speed wobbles around)
    bike in general?
    :Nope. At speed is when it happens, not the actual problem.

    wind? (it wasn't that windy, a bit)
    :Take it for a ride on a day with stuff all wind. If it wobbles, then that's not the cause.

    road? (road was a bit dodgy, could have been that?): ride it on a different road. If it still wobbles then that's not the cause.

    How well was the bike repaired after you dropped it. Is there anything loose that could move around (stand, mirrors, fairing)?
  19. Mate have you owned one?

    Also noting the fact that Hyosungs aren't the only bikes with build quality issues, and everyone I have spoken too in regards to the current model have had no complaints.

    I would think that the OP should take it in and get the bike looked at after the drops. But I would also take some of the advice in this thread.
  20. Just to remind everyone, this is New Riders and tips section where the idea is to help people ride better, safer and smarter. :)

    Bitching about the pros and cons of Whoflungdungs will not help sort out this blokes wobbles or prevent him from crashing as a result.

    If you want to shitcan the quality of Hyosungs go to Mech and maintainence. Or alternatively go to jokes and humour to sing the praises. Either way, you're not helping. :)