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Speed vs SV650S vs VFR800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mav, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Getting prepared to pick my next ride,

    need it to do everything, commuting, scratching, riding in the hills, touring, 2-up, shopping, fishing etc

    my daily commute will be a mix of local residential > freeway > city peak hour

    will spending 1hr minimum on avg each way

    budget $5k

    cant decide between older speed triple (99/00), sv650s (mid 00) and the vfr800 (99/00 ish)

    i guess my biggest concern is, will a bolt on windscreen (naked bike) gonna be enough of a wind deflector for the $1.10 / $1.20 on the freeway to make it comfortable.

    and no im not looking for a inline four, or a single.

    has mini fairing
    looks good
    sweet V-Twin engine
    popular market for mods / parts etc
    can get a newish model for the price
    easy to service

    good fairing
    recognised dependability
    sweet V-Four engine
    popular for mods / parts etc
    fiddly to service? (full fairings on / off, access to sparkies and consumables??)

    Speed Triple
    It's a Speed Trip!
    sweet triple engine
    fiddly to service? (access to sparkies and consumables??)

    help / opinions muchly appreciated
  2. Get one of each one for u and one for MrsMav, and one for BabyMav...............do it :).

    Oh, and get back to work you bludger :p..........

    BTW regarding the fairings............just remember, the less fairings you have, the less screws Trent looses heheheh...........
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  3. I own a v star 650
    But cant comment on the others but
    Basically your choice is crusier or not...
    Are you a harley type or a boy racer type
  4. your problems been resolved here, NEXT !!! lol

    good problem to have by the way
  5. I don't know if you can stretch your budget to $8 - $9K, but it sounds to me like you need a 1050 Sprint ST. I traded my 09 model last year with 43,000ks on it for $7K. It was my sole form of transport for nearly 2 years and it travelled from Cairns to Brisbane. It never missed a beat, with just servicing and consumables required.

    It was a great tourer with hard panniers (great for shopping and weekends away) and plently of grunt for 2 up. It was also nimble enough to be a bit of fun in the twisties (although it's sortcommings were evident on the track).

    Plenty of character from that torquey triple, and pretty decent styling and ergonomics for a bike of it's size.

    Certainly worth a test ride.
  6. nope can't stretch the budget

    and yes, test rides are on the cards
  7. VFR 800, low mileage ones are around within your budget
  8. i like cruisers, and they were the first thing that came to mind, in fact, i was hunting down a VL800 for a while there

    im not a boy racer

    but thinking of manoueverability in peak hour / filtering, would add too much time to the journey...and i HATE :demon: traffic
  9. why the VFR800 over the other two?
  10. Well I'm biased, but once you've ridden a VFR, and listened to the whine of the gear-driven cams, you will find other machines a bit, well, ordinary :LOL:

    And if you can snare one with an after-market exhaust, it sounds even better, like half a V8!
  11. Me I'd go the VFR800, it's a lot of bike for the money now and there is so much stuff you can get after market for them.

    The Good
    1. In traffic V4 is smooth and easy to ride in low gears without excessive rev'ing or gear changing. Also the linked brakes means you never get them out of sync and greatly reduces the chance of a lock up or slide. By today's standards it doesn't produce as much power as others, but what it has it uses so well (Like a fast 4cyl car Vs. a smooth V8, the V8 can have less power but can feel easier to drive).
    2. Not much ever goes wrong with the VFR, only know fault is the voltage regulators, but common on Hondas.
    3. Great for touring, will handle heaps of gear or hard boxes, they really are great to chew the k's on.
    4. Home servicing is easy buy the manual, wouldn't do the valve clearence myself, because I can't be bothered.
    5. I've now had two of these an '00 that I regreted selling so much, that a few years on I got the '01 and still have it, it shows no signs of getting old, feels crisp as after a good service and fluid change always. I am finding very hard to think of getting riding of, it's just such a good all rounder.
    6. Linked brakes on blats in the hills are great for washing speed off in a hurry or settling the bike for a corner and means a better ride two up for the Pillion.
    7. Not to bad on fuel, get better like all bikes on a longer run.
    8. Weather protection is awesome and in the wet is also really good.
    9. Easy riding position, great on the back. Great air cushion foot pegs.
    10. USA market for bits is great for bits, so many of these made, so much bling about etc.
    11. Two up I've never had a complaint from a pillion that they are too high up or not comfy.

    1. Can be a bit soft down low with a pipe, in mine I went a power commander and a re-map, great difference in the whole rev range, well worth the expense.
    2. Bike can feel a bit bulky at first but goes away after you've had it awhile
    3. A high rise exhaust can limit your after market hard box options
    4. Linked brakes can catch new riders out in low speed turns, ie. dropped my first one in a driveway and had no idea why at first.
    5. My wife with shorter legs struggles a little on it with footing on uneven surfaces, but once she's movng it hard to get my bike back, she loves the V4 over her I4 YZF600R for power delivery and how confidence inspiring / stable it is with traction in the corners.

    Just a few thoughts, the SV I found a little to soft as a bike and very learner focused, exposed to the elements a bit more too. Earlier one my mate had was a bit heavy on the fuel.

    Cheers RN.
  12. every seen a big fat dood on a harley that weighs 300k sit back in the traffic queue?.
    i dont filter yet because i am to inexperienced but i have seen some big cruisers
    filter - everyone leaves room if you look mean and loud enough lol
  13. I've got an 08 VFR downstairs somewhere. A tri colour I think. Bought it with 5,000 k's on it two years ago. I hope it has 7,000k's on it now but I doubt it.
    I dunno, it's a bit of a hate/tolerate sort of affair.
    It sounds filth with the carbon pipes on it.....but it's fat, slow and incredibly heavy for an 800. I get motion sickness on it going through the twisties as it's always bouncing, even when it's sliding it bounces...seriously WTF ha ha, honest it's a bit of a barge to throw around after a sports bike.
    Even though they redesigned it in 02. it's still an old design, an old bike. They made it more sporty, but it isn't. Might have been in the nineties. Now...it's fat, slow and bloody heavy. Ya can have mine for nine G.
    The GSXR750k1/2 makes a better sports bike and tourer than the VFR for mine. Much lighter, much easier to push and for mine and mine only more comfortable. Yeah it's an I4. Not much wrong with that and I am a Ducati nut. Mmm ST2 ??? A bit gutless but in the 00 - 02 guise a very nice bike that sounds evil filthy evil.
  14. Picture, please.

    Uprating the VFR suspension is not an expensive exercise, but it's a bit unfair comparing the 800 to what is essentially a GSX-R600 with 150ccs extra...
  15. Having owned the SV650S for 3 years, I can say its quite uncomfortable for any long stint on the highway due to the low clip ons. Gets very uncomfortable with 2 up as the added weight of the pillion puts more pressure on your wrists. I believe bar raisers are easily available for the SV. The pillion seat is also not the best for a pillion as its quite high and not much padding. The VFR beats the SV for touring and 2 up riding.

    In saying that, the bike does everything else almost perfectly. The front bikini fairing does a great job of deflecting the wind and there is a big range of windscreens available from sports to double bubble touring screens. Brilliant commuter, fantastic in the hills, awesome grunty and reliable engine that is an ease to service at home. For 5 grand you should be able to pick up an 06-08 with low kms, the nice black wheel and black frame SVs came out in 05.
  16. I've got a '98 VFR & love it. It does everything quite well...a good allround bike. I love the sound it makes (esp. with the high-mount carbon can (y)) & the ergos are good. Haven't heard of too many problems with them apart from the already stated reg-rec. I replaced the shock & the difference was night & day (not expensive). The front is next on the list. I've done some long trips on the bike & find it quite good. Good luck with your choice.
  17. all this talk about the VFR + SV....nobody has anything on the old Speed Trips? is that saying something i wonder...
  18. Because MrsMav likes Honda's...........apparently blue and white honda's. Keeping the Mrs happy is half the battle won :p............so if you ever wanna ride again, you better get that Honda lol.

    The only reason youd get any other bike is if you get a green Kawasaki.......because, well, green is mean and Kawa's are the best :p......and you know how unbiased I am :p.
  19. How about Trent's SV?
  20. I'll say it. I owned a VFR750 and I have a LOT of good memories of that. But it's the Speed Trip I still dream about.

    Needs to be the 955 at least. '01 onward had a better head design (valve seat) if you can afford it. The accessory screen does just enough.