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Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. ...would be another possible for me. Not sure why it hasn't been on my radar so far.

    There are a few 955s on Bikesales for about 6 grand. 1050s start at about 8.

    There's a dude with a streetfightered Daytona he's selling as a Speedie, which is interesting.

  2. I had a 2001 955i, I was just saying this morning how much I miss it. Awesome sounds from those triples.
  3. I am debating picking up a Speedy at the moment, the sound is a major factor in the decision making process....
  4. Save a couple more and get the street triple, it's better than the 1050 speed let alone the 955. And yes I have owned both
  5. Possibly because with you partner now riding you don't have to worry about pillioning? They're not particularly spacious.

    Interesting about the streetfightered daytona, given you can pick up a nice un-molested version for 5 grandish. I've been watching the 955 speed triples as well, but the prices have stayed stubbornly high. Good resale, if thats a factor.

    Would it help the new bike daydreaming if I said I might be interested in a cheap bandit? ;)
  6. Hmm, food for thought, definitely. Sadly I think the dreams have to be postponed until at least after the daughter finishes uni in August... unless the Lotto gods smile or there's some other kind of windfall...
  7. Depends what type of riding you do. Had an associate own both and got rid of the street because it annoyed him on the highways compared to his 955.

    The street, however, would be better for what I do and that is the traffic hustle.
  8. I like grunt, and I do Gold Coast-Brisbane runs pretty often. For that purpose something with more fairing would be handy, but most of the work is between home and the office, about 5-10 min with lights, so something that can split and get away is good. I'm also about 100 kg. I'm sure the Striple can do it all, but am inclined toward something with a few more cubes.
  9. The post 2001 models had a number of improvements over the early models. They rearranged the engine a bit to help maintenance and the bike is lighter, even though it looks fatter.

    Apparently the rear shock is better too.
  10. The 'tona has hotter cams and tune to match. The suspension may be more adjustable, but I'm less sure on that.

    You can fairly easily turn a Daytona into a faster Speed, but you do need to swap the top tripple clamp.

    Also I believe the Speed always had the single side swing arm, whereas they tried the Daytona with a convention swingarm for a few years there (it was lighter).

    Some people that rode both bikes opinioned that even though the Daytona was in a higher state of tune, the speed was not significantly better in the bottom end. Some had the opposite view.
  11. Can someone quickly share the differences between 'street' & ' speed' triples please
  12. A Street would smoke a 955 Speed... They're not far off the 1050 and are much much much better to ride than both

  13. On a race track and around corners, but for point and shoot . . . .

    For Goldcoast to Brisbane run, I'd take the Speed too. The Street will be annoyingly busy.

    Particularly with a bigger rider.
  14. Speed Triples are the old big engined naked bikes. Originally 955 and taken out to 1050. Grunty fun

    Street Triples are the 675 engine naked bikes. Lighter and faster, but busier.
  15. Have you ridden one? Even down the 1/4 the Street isn't much of the Speedif any, on merit the 675 is a far better engine
  16. Repaired write off, though, so still a bit on the high side.
  17. A Speed Triple is a bike for big blokes, 6'6", fit and strong, who can muscle the bike round corners.

    A Street Triple is a girly bike, light, fast, and wants to turn corners. ;)
  18. You're still missing the point. Sitting on 120 for an hour, in a straight line, which would you take?