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Speed Triple won't crank over...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BugEye, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. So the other night I throw my leg over and fire up!
    and nothing a bit of cough but no cigar
    The next day I tried again but it doesn't even cough any more

    (2006 speed triple, just been serviced)

    So I did some basic trouble shooting
    There's enough fuel and the fuel is being pumped through
    (I can smell it out of the exhaust)
    air is being sucked in
    Battery has enough go and there are no errors on the ECU

    The only thing I can't check is the sparkys... I'd have to take the tank of to get to them
    but saying that, for all three of them to die the chances are slim
    (I'd imagine a little bit of a cough even if only one works)

    So what's next? distributor? is that what it's called?

    Any ideas or help would be much appreciated
  2. Charge your battery, even if it doesn't need it, because pretty soon it will.

    This is also at least 90% of non-starting problems, especially in EFI bikes (there might be enough power to run the instruments and etc so it seems ok, but not enough power to run the starter motor, computer, injectors, and fuel pump all at the same time).

    I have found that carburetted bikes will start with low battery power (e.g. 70% power) but most EFI bikes won't start unless they have about 95% power.
  3. Can you push start it?
  4. As I found out, no power = no go on an EFI bike. Even a push start won't work if the charging system is at fault.

    Wouldn't it be under warranty?
  5. I'll charge the battery up again today and give it a shot

    I haven't tried to clutch start it
    I wasn't sure if it works with EFI
    plus it was a wet day yesterday so I didn't think I'd get enough grip

    warranty? ran out 4 weeks ago
  6. I had a stator fail on my Aprilia. The bike was mucking about for a few weeks before hand as the voltage randomly dropped. Eventually the battery just cried 'enough' and it wouldn't start. It would light the dash but that was about all.

    If all it is is a dead battery, a push start will work. A farked charging system will not though. Pushing a high comp v-twin was an excercise in futility, but my old IL4 was easy as. Hopefully a triple is a halfway house.

    If it is a suspect charger, get it sorted now. Most companies will look favourably on a bike only just out of warranty.
  7. I was able to have the starter going for a decent amount of time
    I'm talking 4 5 goes for 5-6 seconds before the battery started to drop again

    I'll ring Triumph to see what they say...
  8. Firstly, your bike is very different from my model, so not claiming special knowwledge.
    To get things clear- despite the subject heading, it seems your bike IS cranking over, just not firing... yeah?
    But slows down after 4-5 goes of 5-6 seconds? Most batteries would start to slow, but not give up for a while yet. If all is well it WOULD have fired by then.
    Possibly, your battery is nearly flat for some reason (charge it!). or it is nearly dead (get it tested and replaced if necessary). Or, you're terminal connections are dirty or loose - has happened to me. As others have said, charging problem might be at the heart of it.
    But I'm wondering about the fuel smell. You're not holding the throttle open while you turn it over, are you? Guaranteed way to flood an EFI motor. Make sure you keep your fingers OFF the grip, while pressing the starter. Just a thought.
  9. Triumph

    Make sure the sidestand, clutch & kill switches are working correctly. problems on earlier models. Spark plugs fouled?
  10. British electrics are very susceptible to misbehaving if their smoke level gets low. Whenever the smoke escaped from my Norton (usually from under the seat or from inside the headlight) a few pints of Electrical Smoke solved the problem. Ring Modak here in Melbourne (or send them a telegram - they don't trust that Mr Bell and his newfangled electric telephone). I remember seeing cans of OEM Triumph Electrical Smoke on the shelf when I was there last. Made under licence by Lucas, it's perfect for topping up the smoke level on British bikes.

    Being a 2006 model, make sure you ask for 98 octane smoke.

  11. Kill switch? :p
  12. +1
    had this same problem with the harley. the smoke is easy to replace, and made a world of difference.
  13. So, 40 odd years on, nothing has changed at Triumph then....
  14. Oi! That's not true. At least now there is less oil on the garage floor.
  15. Had a T595 which had all sorts of leccy problems. The side stand switch was faulty but the bike would not turn over at all. Not that helpful I know, but WD40 ALL your switch blocks and wiring plugs/terminals.
  16. You too? :wink: Loved mine when it ran...that was just about 25% of the time. :(