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Speed triple vs Street triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spartoob, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. I have been looking at these two bikes for quite some time, I have weighed the pros and cons in my head, the only question left at this point is: which bike is better for a pillion? comfort is obviously a factor, I'm also wondering whether the street triple will feel powerful enough 2up?

  2. What sort of bike riding are you intending on doing while having a pillion?
    How much does the pillion weigh?
  3. Street Triple will def pull 2-up ok, especially with -1 tooth on the front sprocket or +2-3 on the rear (which i'd suggest for this bike anyway).

    Obviously the Speed will pull 2 people better, but unless you're talking 2 100kg people the Street will be fine also.

    Depends what you want in the bike really?

    Ive had a Street Triple, Street Triple R and now a Speed Triple.

    To be honest the Street is a better all round bike, as it handles like its on rails, but the torque of the Speed is nice sometimes. The Street is better for hooliganism (except power wheelies of course) as its more balanced on one wheel at either end.

    I did plenty of long trips on the Streets with the mrs on the back and they never struggled.

    Im only on a Speed now cause I got a track bike so I wasnt so worried about the nimble handling any more and felt like lazy horsepower
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  4. I'd go the speed if two up is a frequent activity based on the grunt alone, comfort wise, maybe ask the pillion for their thoughts?
  5. Fennel:
    How did you pillion find the under seat exhaust?
    I really liked the street triple but crossed it off my short list because of that.
  6. I own a Speedie, but I've only had a couple of short rides on the Striple as a loan bike for the day.

    The Striple is more agile and the smaller motor a bit more peaky and urgent. I really liked it but went for the Speedie because it fit my 6"2' frame alot better. And, if I'm honest, I was reluctant to go from a litre bike back to a 675cc.

    You wouldn't be unhappy with either.
  7. Test ride them both with your pillion. That will answer the question.
  8. I use my bike for just about everything, 2up would be day rides, occasional LONG trips. From what's posted here the speed triple seems like the better idea. I'm 6'3" and about 85 kilos, she's around 60.
  9. TBH after riding Irena's Street Triple, I don't see what more performance I could want.

    Sure, the torque of the Speed would make pillion riding less work, but I like smaller bikes that you can thrash a bit :)
  10. The street triple will easily cope with that load.
    It comes down to which bike you prefer to ride
  11. Okay, thanks for your help guys!
  12. For much pillioning, I'd go for the Speed, preferably from the 2011 model update.

    As good as the 675 is, doing more than a minimum amount of two-up riding on one isn't exactly the ideal way to travel, not to mention that as a taller rider you'll find the Speed roomier and comfier even riding solo, especially on longer rides.
  13. The street triple steers better than the 2010 or previous speedie.

    As Wayned says, the new 2011-> speedie is improved , bringing the quicker geometry to the bigger baby.

    definately comfortable, for both rider and pillion , and while the bike gets hot, its mainly from the engine , not the exhaust.

    These are bikes that can do anything.

    commute, courier, weekend scratch or tour
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  14. Great blog! Nice timing on your Tassie trip too, the day you arrived was the hottest day here in decades!
  15. they're both too expensive for me :(
  16. Ive got the Sprint ST, have ridden the street but never the speed, so i can only compare the street and sprint, which are fairly similar platforms.
    +1 for dropping a tooth on the front, makes a massive difference to the torque at the wheel.
    All have seats that need work for pillion i reckon, but im talking 400+km problems not 1-200km.
    As stated the street does get a little hot from the engine. The Sprint gets a little hot from the exhaust. Cant win :D!
  17. That it does, which is why I opted for the 675 in 2008.

    The prospect of an ST-R with the 800 Tiger motor, livened up to suit, is more than a little tantalising.

    My wish is for a new (lighter and smaller than the 1050) 900cc engine in a Daytona/Street Triple that's a bit roomier and maybe only 10-15kg more. A half-faired Sprint RS 900 would be pretty neat too. The same engine could be bored/stroked to make a new 1050 in a lighter Speed Triple as well.
  18. Is the speed triple's handling from pre-2011 poor? I was looking at something from 2008-2009 as it fits my budget..
  19. No, it's not poor, but it was bettered by the Street triple. The 2011 update, by all reports, took it up a notch and was said by some to have been made more like it's smaller sibling.
  20. I'd def pick a street over those year Speeds, unless you do a lot of 2-up stuff or drag racing. The Street has plenty of power, and is a lot better to ride once the fun stuff starts