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Speed triple 2005 with steearing tendency

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by speed3, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Would any one here have experienced a slight tendency of this bike to go left when you leave hands from the handlebar? My bike never been into a crash or something... very odd. Wheels seem to be correctly assembled. Tires in very good shape ...

  2. The wheels/tyres might be all ok but how is the alignment front to rear ?
    If the rear wheel isn't adjusted right it can make the bike track left or right.


    Ps: might be a good idea to pop over to the general forum and introduce yourself too ( but welcome to the madhouse anyhow )

  3. Well... the problem is single sided swing arms don't allow alignments/adjustments. Except for the chain...

    About introducing my self, good tip. I'll do that.
  4. Make sure both folk are sitting at the same height and that all the nuts and bolts, both at the top of the folk leg and the front axle are tight.

    Also, there will be a spacer or two in the front assembly. make sure these are assembled in the right condition.

    Has the bike always had the problem? How long have you had it?

    Do you sit on the bike square?

    Failing the above, I'd say there is something out in the manufacturing tollerances, somewhere in the front end. But this would only be, if it's always had it.

    could be something like one folk leg has the axle hole in a different position to the other.
  5. I'd be immediately thinking it could be caused by your riding position on the bike...
  6. Road camber perhaps :?:
  7. Is this the same thread, or a new one???
    Hope you took down those details and suggestions, Speed3, before they disappeared :evil:
  8. Yep i was gonna suggest that - i have always had that problem on push bikes ever since i was a kid, then in my 30s i was diagnosed with a back issue that makes my hips out of alignment, when my back is out one leg is up to 1.5in longer than the other. So now when i ride the motorbike with no hnads, while cruising to a stop or coming up to speed humps i lean right back/slouch and it seems to help.
  9. +1

    or uneven tyre wear, whether u sit in the middle or the side of the seat perhaps :)
  10. us oldies used to loosen the bottom clamps on the triple clamps, pump the forks a couple of times, then tighten the bottom and do the same for the top.
  11. Guys... Tks for all tips....

    The thing is.... If I'm feeling this particularly on this bike, it is probably a issue related to THIS bike... and not hiding position, road camber and so forth....

    I'll try loosen the clamps again and let u know... There is a odd characteristic on this bike's front suspension any way: Rebound is adjusted in one fork and compression on the other (did u know that?) . Any way... If I canĀ“t figure out the reason why this is happening, I'll start riding with both hands on the bar :LOL:
  12. Have you got pre-load set the same in both legs?

    also check both springs are the same length and one isn't broken or lost its "spring".
  13. Can't see how fork internals would affect steering, m'self. Alignment, yes. But issues with the springs and damping would show as suspension irregularities rather than steering, I would have thought.
    Still think it's worth looking at the swingarm, or possibly rear wheel hub.
  14. if one spring was cactus it would definatly put a lateral load on the front end. They are all pretty well tied up these days, but there would still be an alighment difference of a few millimeters here.