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Speed Triple 1050 Tyre width

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matressking, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    It's been a while! How is everyone? :)

    I've been looking for an answer to my question on here and on google to no avail.

    I need to replace the rear tyre of my speed triple.

    For aesthetic purposes I would like wider tyre than was on it when i got it, if possible.

    The owners manual states a width of 180 but I do know that some rims will take something bigger without too much hassle.

    Does anyone know if this is ok for a Speed triple. Safety would obviously be a concern.

  2. what year is your speed? i thought they came with 190's anyway.

    a 180 comes fitted on a 5.5inch rim, a 190 is suited for a 6 inch rim.

    my guess is you dont ride it hard anyway, so the performance loss wont effect you.
  3. Thanks Jimmy.

    2005. 180.

    Performance isn't my main concern, you're right. I don't get out to ride hard to often (every few months) and I like the wider look but your assumption that I never ride it hard is NQR.

    Are there safety implications to having a 190 on 5.5 rim?
  4. my guess is that the manufacturer knows what's best, and that the geometry of the bike is set up around the tyre sizes, at least
  5. Thanks Hornet. I suspect you are right. Wishful thinking I guess!
  6. yeah, well the tyre shape will give you less rubber on the road when you lean over further and further, as the tyre will be 'pinched' by the rim if you know what i mean. it will be taller in the middle, and lower on the sides. you'll get a fair bit less edge grip.

    and the bigger tyre and its pinched shape will raise the rear of the bike (which isnt always a bad thing, it just makes it steer a little quicker and more unstable). most bikes need to be higher in the rear anyways, but it does lead to headshake in some situations.

    its not an ideal situation (190 on 5.5inch) and i wouldnt do it just for looks. you might be able to get a 6 inch rim from somewhere and then you can fit a 200/55 (pirelli supercorsa) which looks pretty fat and actually works on a 6 inch :) and as a bonus for going to a taller tyre you will get slightly more weight on the front end.

    but generally, going to a wider rear tyre will mean that the bike will steer a little slower but you will get better edge grip and drive on exits of turns. it just takes a little more effort to tip into the turns.
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  7. Thanks mate. At this point I don't have the money to go buying a rim (although I wish I did) so I reckon I will stick with the 180.
  8. maybe instead of getting a new rim, some of the 180's on the market are actually wider than what they say. most of the 'higher performance' tyres out now are wider than they say.

    i went from a 180 pilot power to a 180 bt003rs and the bridgestone looked a fair bit wider.
  9. Cool :) Will check it out!