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VIC Speed restrictions for NSW P plater?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Cris, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. I'll be in Vic in 3 weeks, on my NSW P-plated bike.

    As far as I can see on the Vicroads site, there aren't any P-specific speed restrictions in Victoria. Is this correct? Just checking as my experience with road authority websites is that they're frequently incomplete and inaccurate.

    There's also the issue of license restrictions vs road rules -- ie. it's my NSW license rather than road laws per se that restricts me to 90km/h. But I would think it's unlikely that VIC cops would apply interstate license restrictions (police have trouble enough knowing their own laws). Or am I wrong?
  2. The general rule is that you drive according to the rules of the state you are driving in. Having said that if your license includes a condition that you are only allowed to drive at a maximum of 90KPH and you have to show it to a cop, the exchange may be interesting. It has been discussed here before, will see if I can find the thread.
    This one touches on the subject in the meantime.
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    Cheers @Mcsenna@Mcsenna . The thing I wonder about license conditions is how many VIC cops would know NSW ones anyway (it's not as if they're stated on the plastic licence card).

    [Correction: actually it is, written as Conditions: S on the card. But presumably a cop would only even have cause to notice a rider's speed if it was over the posted limit]

    And to be clear, I put my own safety above the rules. I don't mind obediently pottering along at 90 on a freeway if it's quiet (boring but relaxing). But if I'm surrounded by several lanes of traffic doing 110, I'm damned if I'm going to do it (in NSW or VIC). So I guess I'm wondering what my chances might be of getting pinged. Seems unlikely on the face of it.
  4. Watch out for the hidden speed camaras in vic . Mum and dad cars parked on the side of the road with cams on the dash no flash , on freeways to ,
  5. Hah, yes, thanks for the head up. Presumably they can only detect vehicles exceeding the posted limit, which isn't so much a concern to me (I'm no speed demon).
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  6. Negative. License conditions by Roads & Maritime Services apply in NSW only, #92, page 5

    Victorian legislation dictates the conditions of driving on Victorian roads, not RMS.

    VicPol do not need to know your licence conditions in another state so the question is irrelevant.

    You may travel up to the marked speed limit of the stretch of road you are on.

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  7. For completeness of thread, does a Victorian L/P plater have to abide by NSW L/P restrictions when travelling here?
  8. Yes (see the post @Justus@Justus linked to)
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  9. @Justus@Justus - I clicked the 'informative' icon on your post, but also want to just add a note of thanks for the detail. Useful & appreciated.
  10. Don't forget your high vis jacket when travelling south.
  11. Won't flashing my high vis smile do?
    (But seriously -- there isn't such a requirement, is there?)
  12. For L platers after October, I think. But I havent been following that too closely.