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Speed raises revenue.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by wornoutracer, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Has anyone ever thought of the damage that could be caused to the state or states economy if we all stopped speeding for a month?????

    But then again , wheres the fun in that!!!!

    Speed alone DOES NOT KILL, in fact its bloody good fun, those that haven't tried it should, but take it to the track.

    Stay safe and have fun, ur a long time dead!

  2. Does anyone else watch Top Gear?

    They had the transport minister for Britain on. He drives an Alfa and has 9 demerit points.

    But thats not my point. He was saying that they only make around $20 million a year in revenue off the speed cameras. And before you go "pffft, $20 mill is a shed load." They actually make more money off income taxes off one of their celebs. I forget which one they quoted so he mustn't be that famous.

    But as a revenue rasing tool, they are not that good.

    But i have considered the idea of not speeding for a while. Then they have no reason for speed cameras, and then we won't have crashes where i'm looking at my speedo and not the braking car in front of me.
  3. One speed camera in kogara in sydney raises a few mill a year and it has the 3 big signs before it unlike you poor sods in vic.

    We are also informed that aussie gummints make budgets based on projected speed camera revenue and you really think it is not a reasonable sum of money? As a revenue raising tool they are brilliant! Pay themselves off within 6 months, cost fook all to look after and return a motza. Given where they tend to put these speed cameras anyway, there can't be too many crashes due to people looking at their speedometers; never seen a camera yet on anything but a straight piece of road - people who can't drive past a camera without looking continuously at the dash don't have the skills to avoid running into the idiot in front of them anyway!
  4. I can't understand people who whinge about fixed speed cameras... They're bloody fixed, stationary, always in the same place. Sure they might be an inconvenience, oooh, I've got to slow down to 58k for the next 100m, but seriously...

    My ride to work has a fixed speed camera along it. I do 20k over the limit for most of the way, slow down for the camera then go like the clappers again.

    I suppose getting caught at one once is understandable, but once you've seen it, no excuses. I mean they even put their locations on street directories now. How can you go wrong...

    If fixed speed cameras are revenue raisers then gaols are motels for the under priviledged...

    Sorry, rant over.

    EDIT: I'm in NSW where speed cameras are clearly sign-posted. Rant does not apply interstate.
  5. People who whinge about getting booked by them - agreed.

    But people who whinge about having to slow down regardless of the traffic situation, take their focus off traffic to eyeball their speedo purely to ensure they don't lose a few days wages by going 5kph too fast- they are right to whinge.
  6. That's not revenue - that's clear profit (20 million pounds btw, not $). The cameras bring in around 110 million pounds, and the 35 speed camera 'partnerships' (companies who run the scams) take out $about 90 million pounds of that.

  7. 'Kay, fair cop. But seriously if it's that much effort to ensure you're under the limit for 100m or so, maybe driving on public roads is a bit too much for you... (not you personally Dan of course...)

    I see them as just another obstacle on the roads, like pedestrians, roundabouts, cyclists, debris etc. Part of the fun of riding, keeps you on your toes.

    and as wornoutracer said, if you don't speed through them, then they won't raise ANY revenue.
  8. They should have taken some advice from the Bracks government - over $400 million in from cameras last year, and a projected income in a couple of years of over $1Billion.
    (So they really intend them to have an affect on driver behaviour, then don't they :wink: )
    Admittedly, I don't know how much the system costs to run...
  9. Not much. When was the last time a government was evicted because a budget went 10 or a 100 million towards the red? And the spin would be "This is the price of safety on our roads and lives saved. Cameras have done their job". It would help the government by justifying placing more of them. And if they were really worried about the impact, they would raise taxes/ levies elsewhere or cut funding to schools/hospitals. Can't win either way.
  10. If i remember correctly there are also 7 traffic light cameras which can be moved, they stay there for a year and them get moved to a diffrent location there was one opposite the town hall in dandenong that was ther for a year then got moved. I know they just upgraded the other one neer peter stevens in dandenong from a pure red light to a speed and red light when they first upgraded it the amount of flashes that went off getting people speeding though it was amazing i counted at least one every trip. For about 2 weeks and that was there and back 4 times a week
  11. I'm going to contradict my own post here. The UK government did in fact look at the Victoria strategy for speed cameras, and were on their way to massively expanding the system based on what they had been shown - UNTIL there was a truly massive backlash from the driving public. Their Minister recently announced a freeze on the installation of new units until the completion of an extensive study, and then ONLY if there was conclusive evidence that there was positive outcome from their use. So far the figures are showing the opposite.
    Just goes to show what can be achieved when enough people kick up enough stink!
  12. Exactly right... or more importantly it shows that public apathy can lead to the government making all kinds of stupid laws...
  13. I draw your attention to Iain Chalmers' clever parody on p24 of the current issue of Two Wheels... pisser!
    (sorry, I can't type it out right now...)