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Speed over, lose license?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by ZXRpilot, May 13, 2006.

  1. In Victoria, whats the speed you lose your licence at is it 30km/h or 25km/h.
    I've got a freind telling me that its 25km/h+ for Learners, probationary licence and 30km/h for full licence?
    I know over 130 is instant loss.

    Another question while I'm at it, I got pulled up today for 96/70, he said the best he could do for me is 10 km/h over, and hed send the ticket out in the mail. He was a nice guy but still he just robbed me of some cash...
    Will I definately get the ticket, why didn't he give me the ticket on the spot? Is this normal?
    How many points loss and whats the fine for 10 and over?

  2. Just pray and hope that he forgets to send the ticket to you.
  3. Over 25 for everyone champ.
  4. That sounds odd ?

    Did he take you details down ?
    Was he a cop ??
  5. I did 122kph on 110kph freeway when entering Adelaide three years ago. That was 3 points and $145.00.
  6. He was in the car for ages checking things out, so I'd say so. Than he wrote down my rego in a little handbook just before I left.
    Was in a marked car, so yes he was a cop, he was in a nice little position too didnt even get time to slam on the front brake much...
  7. 110kph dont mean shit.

    It is treated as 100kph zone...

    So if you do 120 in a 110 signed area and cop wants to be a penis, then he has every right to do you for 20kph over the limit!!!

    .... Genius stuff isn't it????
  8. Well unless he held you down and took money out of your pocket, you weren't robbed. You were riding around waving money around asking for a cop to take it if you were speeding.

    Flaunt the law,....end up poor :)

    Do the crime,.....pay the fine :)

    Which ever works for you :wink:
  9. Can you explain that to me please :?
  10. I was robbed, simple as that.
  11. [-X [-X [-X
    you were speeding weren't you?

    Just take it on the chin, we all speed, and get caught a lot less than the number of times we break the law, so average it out over the number of times you didn't get caught and it will probably be less than $1 per violation, more likely 1c :wink:
  12. Spot on the money.. :grin: But if he said he would give you 10kph over he should have given you an on the spot fine. Otherwise a summons could be in the mail for exceeding the limit by 25kph or more.. :shock:
  13. I will take it on the chin I'm not really worried about it, but it made it an expensive day out.
    Just wont get caught next time
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey, let me know how you ensure that, it'd be pretty useful on the Western Hwy between your place and mine! :grin:
  15. Quite simply, I won't break the road rules so they'll have no reason to catch me.
    All you need on the western is more hp...something I also lack.
  16. I feel that pain! :(
    Only a couple of weeks and I should be over that though (if all goes to plan), no more restrictions :grin:
  17. I dare say he was going to go back to the station and run your traffic record up on the computer and see what your history is like. If it's not too bad then he'll probably stick with the 10 kay over ticket. If you've got a record a mile long then you can probably expect the full whammo.
  18. Legislative loophole that states the maximum speed limit is 100kph (this is a nationally adopted road rule). This is widely thought to override the 110kph zone. On this technicality a cop could issue you with a ticket, but if challenged in court I doubt a judge will be stubborn enough to back it up, as it would raise questions over the legality of the 110kph signs. Too big of a can of worms to open.
  19. Some people are lucky some aren't.
    I've never been booked on my bike.
    But I don't speed where I know I'll get caught.

    I think you'll find it's 100 for a non-signposted rural road.
  20. i think in NSW that it is a one month suspension for 30klmh over hte limit or anything over 130klmh (unless your doing 45klmh or more... then the penalty gets huge). you will see many a driver sitting on 125 as they are happy to risk a few dollars and points but not he suspension.

    it all bullshit really anyway. i dont believe speed kills. its more lack of ability, attention to detail and so forth. speed in europe accounts for 7.3% of all accidents. in SA it is onlly a fraction higher. but if you aint paying attention well it dont matter how fast you going.