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Speed or Street.. my Street buying decision and reviews

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lucb, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. I am planning to make this a thread about why I chose the Triumph Speed Triple and then some riding reviews in the next couple of weeks.

    First post is me with a big grin at the end of the buying process ;)

    I just shook hands today on an ex-demo Triumph Speed Triple ('09 model with 900km on the clock) in blazing orange.

    So it's basically a new bike, which was not my plan at the start of the adventure.

    Now, for those of you keeping score at home (and I think this is useful forum info) I paid $11,300 plus the trade in of my '04 GS500. I was very happy with the good sales service from the guys at TeamMoto Blacktown.

    Of course I also rode the street (R and base) and I really loved them. Overall I found them slightly more comfy for my height (173 cm) and they have a great engine, ride position and are pretty well priced. I also felt that I could push them about the car park on my toes far more comfortably than the slightly higher Speed. In traffic they were lovely and would happily sing their praises.

    I also rode lots of other bikes. I'll spend a bit more time on that in the next couple of posts just to add to the forum opinion pool. But for now i'll share what made me hunt down speed triples.

    Firstly .. I loove the engine on the speed triple. I categorize that engine as Fun and Forgiving. Fun cause it goes and goes and Forgiving cause I'll be using it as a commuter mostly and loved how it could hang longer in 2nd and 3rd. I'll also be doing some 2-up commuter riding in the mornings ... so for me it is both of those things a Fun but Forgiving torqy thing...

    The 09 speed also has nice breaks and forks (for a factory base) and the overall base package finish is pretty good. As an aside, cause I am shortish the base seat was much better for me than the Gel seat which felt puffy and spread my legs out a little more and made it a bit more tippy toes experience.

    So the head stuff ticks some good boxes for me but as we all know.. the heart gets involved as well..

    Sigh.. I just love the look of the Speed triple. I also like the street but wow the speed looks even better I think .. Single swing arm.. bit more muscly in the shoulders.. it's a very nice looking bike.

    Admittedly, I like naked, I like streetfighters, I like twin headlights, I like short tails and I like blacks and greys and whites. So the current triumphs are in my good books from the start. And I was always sneeking looks at them while riding my GS500. At the traffic lights.. at the shops.. in the catalogues.. I think my 500 knew the lustful impure thoughts of my heart before I did...

    I did try other bikes and I tried to love the transformer-like Yammys (and KTM superDuke) and the plain Jane Hornets and the slightly older (MILF-like bandit) .. but I kept coming back to that oh so nakedly sexy Speed xxx

    (pause.. deep breath.. wipe sweat.. look guilty.. moving on now..)

    Now, as I said, I have been looking for a while and I think I have had a good look around at the market and Ive ridden and thinken about all the usual (naked) suspects: the Hornet 900s, the Big Bandits and the FZ1. Ill post some info on that journey too but I'll close this initial post by making a small joking observation on some of those other bikes...

    While I really like it, I think the big Bandit makes me look 10 years older and 10 kgs heavier :-w . I think the Hornet is just like me (solid, dependable but a bit booring) :butt: But after a month of test rides I think that the Speed Triple makes me look 10 years younger and 10 kgs lighter :cheeky:

    Now we all need to wait until next saturday for me to pick it up before I can post some first ride reviews.

    Oh and I'm firmly of the school of thought that a pic is worth a thousand words so I'll end with ...

    my Triumph Speed Triple 'nuff said -> http://twitpic.com/mook4
  2. Congrats on your purchase mate! I'm thinking of doing the same as you!

    By curiosity, how much did you get for your GS?
  3. Dont suppose you rode the Nelli TNT, K1200R or Tuono? I love the triples hence the Nelli but looking at moving on the the Trump is the obvious choice.

    Lookin forward to your early ride reviews.

  4. Tried to find a Tuono but did not work out. And did not ride either of the others.
  5. nice work...i'm with you re the nakeds and triumphs. The speed triple was the one bike at that price range that i gave a lot of thought towards buying when i bought the gsx 1400 earlier this year.
  6. I had the chance to ride both a daytona 675 and the speed triple 1050 over the last few days. The 675 blew me away as an overall package, the carbon fibre pipe makes it sound like a ferrari on acid and it LOVES full throttle. Felt small for me though, which is a shame but wow what a cool bike.

    The 1050 didn't impress me at all in terms of power or road manners at speed (120+) - although theres nothing wrong with it in this environment, just not noteworthy coming off a faired sportsbike.

    Its not until you come to slower (120 and under) stuff where this bike really really shines. Good brakes, fast tip in, agile through the corner and the engine makes powering out of corners hilarious fun as the smooth power delivery is mega user friendly and encourages you to get on the gas very early and very strong. Definitely makes a hoon out of you, perfectly suited to getting around urban or twisty environments rather quickly.
  7. Totally agree with Phizog here.. for me it will very much be the URBAN triple and it is in that context that this decision was made. I can't stress how impressed I was with the engine and brakes for a stock bike.

    It's a naked .. it's not supposed to be challenging the Daytona (or a proper sports) at the track or at those 120+ speeds.

    Who wants to clean all that plastic anyway ;P
  8. As I've said, the Street Triple is quite a bit sportier, chassis and engine-wise. I've diced up around 200 (undisclose location) with bigger bikes, and the R would do even better. Flatter bars help this. The Speed is less focussed and vaguness creeps in when really pushed, but still punts well when taken by the scruff of the neck.
  9. Funny you should say that, because I dont mind.
  10. As I stated.. I really loved the street.. it handles so nicely and it is a better seat height for me.. WayneD is right.. they are TIGHT.. I rekon that if it was just me and the twisties I may have gone that way. In town and 2-up I think the speed will be a little more forgiving when I'm lazy and just as much fun when I am taking it by the scruff.

    Counting the sleeps till i get it home. ;P
  11. Good choice of bike mate. :biker:

    I've had my '08 for a while now and absolutely love it. You're right about the 'higher speed' stuff. I've fitted the flyscreen and it does defelct a bit of wind at those 'racetrack only speeds'

    It's a great barrel of laughs allround and a fantastic standard package.

    However, if you really want to nit-pick, I would say:
    -AK20 fork cartriges up front and WP, Penske, Ohlins replacement rear shock apparently give great results.
    -Shift lights on right of the tacho are useless.
    -Gearbox is a little clunky
    -I'd prefer a hydraulic clutch as opposed to the cable clutch.

    But hey, I know what you mean. It's a great bike.
  12. Anyone purchased one new recently? I got a quote from Peter Stevens in Melbourne for 17990 ride away.. Wondering how much flex is in that price..
  13. $17 990? Is that an R? Is that with the whole accessory catalogue fitted? How do you get that price on a bike that was $13 500 (or a grand less for the non-R).

    You can buy a LOT of very good bikes for around that ride-away price at the moment. You're up around Moto Morinis and KTM Superdukes, and past the Aprilia Shiver (just to name a few other great Euros) if you look around and haggle.

    These are a stellar bike, but 18 grand!?

    Walk away.
  14. I think he's quoting the price on a speed, not a street
  15. That sounds about right then.
  16. I picked up my speed triple today , and I have a question for the owners here....

    Q. sitting at a 100K p hour on the freeway in 6th what revs are you at ?
  17. around 5700
  18. Really ?

    Mine felt like I could change up to 6 but I was already there
    didn't think it was tht hi tho.

    Std sprockets ?
  19. ooops!!! i am talking about street, disregard my earlier post, i reckon the speed would sit way lower.
  20. ~3700rpm @ 100 on the speed triple