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Speed officer off the dial

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FALCON-LORD, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Looks like cops are not immune


    Speed officer off the dial
    By Evelyn Yamine

    February 05, 2007 12:00

    HE was showing off his driving skills to colleagues – reaching speeds of up to 240km/h on a freeway in a fully marked police car.

    But after his fellow constables reported his behaviour to superiors, Senior Constable Andrew Robert Cumming found himself on the wrong side of the law – for driving the speedometer off the dial.
    The 30-year-old yesterday pleaded guilty to two charges of exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h on separate days.
  2. If only NSW had hoon laws - I'd love to see Police have to impound a marked squad car :LOL:. Although can't help but think that if it was someone other than a cop the sentence would have been a lot harsher than just a 6 and 12 month licence suspension :roll: .
  3. Ummm. We do have hoon laws. It's just that it's one rule for the proles and one for the fascists...
  4. That'd be right. So what they're saying is that driving fast to try and impress your mates isn't "hooning" provided you use a police car.
  5. Now I look for cops behind me before I speed... this guy couldn't even be bothered to check the passenger seat! :eek:
  6. He'll probably get a fine and suspended with full pay too..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Check out the image


    All a big bloody joke when it's one of the boys in blue isn't it?

    And they wonder why some people don't respect them.
  8. Weeeeelllllll, these goons are just like the rest of us, some of em play around, and some of em get busted.

    I can't find it in my heart to be angry at this bloke. He's just stupid like me and many folks I know.
  9. I'm not angry at all. I mean, how can I be when I have transgressed in a similar manner. I just think it's mildly amusing how the newspapers report things differently when it's the lads and ladies in dark blue.
  10. I don't really see the big deal.

    You work in an office, you get to steal stationary and photo copy your own arse.

    You work in the building industry, you get to steal random bits of lumber and the reo from freshly poured footings.

    You work as an electrician, you get to steal enough cable to tie up at least nine more victims.

    You work as a cop, you get to drive rool fast, play with all the stolen weapons, and have the worlds largest christmas bender with all the confiscated drugs.

    Everybody wins.
  11. Looking forward to a holiday are we?
  12. SOOOO Bad. :grin:
  13. as mentioned above by others,

    id prefer to see him face REAL fines and charges, not watered down liek has been demonstrated.

    freind of mine got done doing 200, and she faced couple thousand in fines and 3 yrs loss of licence plus was looking at potential jail time.
  14. The article quotes,
    "He accepts it was the most irresponsible and recklessly stupid act that he has committed and is extremely remorseful, contrite and embarrassed – not only personally but professionally," Mr Nicholls said.

    What hes really saying is that its the first time he's been caught!

    The article also quotes,
    Cumming – who was removed from his position and put on restricted duties – has been an officer for seven years and in the past has served as a volunteer for the RFS and SES

    I wonder how fast he had the SES and RFS vehicles up to?
  15. Pig could've been better rewarded for bringing disrepute to his employer.

  16. im going to send a letter to big cheese asking that cummings [or whatever his name is] be removed from the force.

    im going to email it out with appropriate address and ask others to do the same.

    be back with details shortly
  17. having trouble with 1 address at the mo.

    here is the letter to parliament and newspaper.

    Jacqueline Gray PH 9428 1315
    0401 334 134
    Dear sir,

    I am writing in regards to Senior Constable Andrew Robert Cumming who was recently charged with exceeding the speed limit from multiple occasions where he drove the patrol car over 240ks on public roads.

    I am a woman of the same age group as Constable Cumming (early 30s) and find his choices and resulting actions incomprehensible.

    When I was 24 I was struck down by a careless driver and sustained severe injuries that include amputation, coma, and a head injury. A torturous aftermath has followed and I am still unable to walk or drive. I have always felt strongly in regards to safety and the laws that are in place to provide safety for innocent people who deserve to be safe from carnage on our roads.

    Constable Cumming is aged enough for me to confidently say that his actions arose from a problem that offers no improvement.

    Please remove Constable Cummings from the police force entirely. Cumming's recent exposure has proven he is in no way suitable for the position and accepted his badge from motives that are unclear, and not at all consistent with the values of the NSW Police.

    No police officer should feel that driving at such speeds will not result in their losing their job.

    Although removing a person from the work place is not something anyone wants for that person, the complacency and carnage that may result from a slap on the wrist is far more serious and must be made a priority.

    Please feel free to telephone me on the numbers provided above.

    Kind Regards

    Jacqueline Gray