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Speed Master lines up West for MotoGP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The_brick, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Speed Master lines up West for MotoGP

    Wednesday, 16 November 2011

    The team will enter as a CRT in the premier class with the Australian rider in 2012.

    The Speed Master team has confirmed its entry as a CRT in the MotoGP category for the 2012 season, with Anthony West its chosen rider for the step up to the premier class.

    Australian rider West has previous MotoGP experience, most recently in 2008, and has been riding in the Moto2 class for the past two seasons with MZ Racing.

    The 30 year-old’s crew chief on the Speed Master team will be Tommaso Raponi, and the team has announced it will run with an Aprilia engine with a chassis yet to be confirmed.

    West’s first season in the premier class was on board a Honda 500cc in 2001, and he rode the majority of the 2007 campaign and the entire 2008 season in the MotoGP category for Kawasaki.


    glad to see Ant back, hope he gets a better ride than in the moto2
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  2. Awesome! I didn't think the CRTs were coming in till 2013?
  3. He'll need to stop crashing on the first lap or they'll run out of money real quick....
  4. Excellent news. I hope the bikes fast enough that he doesn't have ride with desperation just to keep pace, and crash as a result. With a good bike under him, he'll surprise a few. :)
    That would be nice to see. :)