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Speed Limits on Bicycles?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by andyhui01, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Over the weekend, I was cruising on Yarra Blvd doing the Speed Limit (50kph) on a downhill stretch after the roundabout towards Johnston St.

    I know there is a cop sitting at the botton of that hill so I'm doing 50kph and 2 cyclist come past me (in the same lane, this is a section where there is a marked bike lane running parallel to the road) doing 60-70kph which caught me off guard in front of the cop sitting there, obviously didn't care much.

    Wouldn't it logical for bikes to have the same limit as cars on a stretch of road? If I passed a Bicycle sharing a lane even though he wasn't in a marked lane, I would have gotten pulled over and given a lecture on how stupid it is, why isn't it the same the other way round?

    If Bikes can go however fast they like, I'd buy a 80cc Motorised Bicycle and go Flat Chat around there. You'd probably have more fun than a Motorcycle on that stretch of the road and you don't have to worry about the Speed Limit. lol
  2. Speed limits do apply to bicycles.

    If you ride an 80cc motorised bicycle on the road you can not only be nicked for exceeding the speed limit but are also likely to find yourself on the receiving end of numerous unlicensed and unroadworthy motor vehicle charges.
  3. Cyclists should be allowed to speed. Much like how double white lines shouldn't apply to motorcycles. It's a waste of kinetic energy to use the brakes... If you cycled, you'd understand that ;)

    In fact, anything that I am personally interested in and actively do, I think there should be exceptions made for it. But all youse other poor bastards who do shit I don't care about, fcuken fine them I say!!!
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  4. The only example of a cyclist being fined for speeding that I am aware of happened in Perth. Not sure what the rule in WA says, but in Vic:



    So yes, the speed limit should apply to a bicycle.
    But then, the only people more powerful than VICPOL are BICYCLE NETWORK VICTORIA (BNV), so that's not gonna happen.
  5. So I'll go with your bottom speed estimate as I know we like to exaggerate to make a story interesting. Cops won't usually bother pulling anyone over in the 0-10 category.
  6. ^Come to Melbourne and do 60kph on Yarra Blvd when a cop is sitting there and report back if you receive a fine. Anyone in VIC can back me up that you will get a fine for 3-10kph over. I can assure you of that.

    Thanks Titus for clearing that up. I reckon it will just be a law but not enforced category.
  7. If you can peddle a bike over the speed limit then more power to you, fit bastard.
    But the same rules apply, just not enforced.
  8. Think about it - bikes don't have speedo's, and if they do, it is a poorly calibrated after market one, so unless they are flying through a pedestrian zone, I doubt the cops would pursue it.
  9. so why is it so dangerous for us to exceed the limit, but not for the lycra warriors? Double standards. Not much.
  10. It's any interesting question.

    Why do we have speed limits?

    Why do you think road rules are logical?

    Why do you care if it doesn't affect you?

    & would you have done the speed limit if you knew you could get away with speeding?

    Serious questions, looking forward to your answers :)
  11. The problem being enforcement. Without a lisence application of a ticket I believe would be impossible, as would follow up of any fine.

    they would basically have to arrest the bike rider. Too much work for most cops.

    Besides, it's just dumb anyway. Bike riders shouldn't be arrested for having a peak downhill speed a few kms over the limit.
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  12. Agreed. Speed limits should not apply to cyclists. Neither should bag limits.
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  13. Blackadder for President. Oh yeah. .

  14. Bullshit. Blackadder said cyclists should get... something. fcuk cyclists.

    I liked this bit though: "Anything that I am personally interested in and actively do, I think there should be exceptions made for it. But all youse other poor bastards who do shit I don't care about, fcuken fine them I say!!!"

    This is relevant to my interests, and I will vote for that. Next election, I'm voting for the "fcuk you buddy, it's all about me!" party.
  15. no, its easy enough. I got a fine years ago on my pushie. Not for speed though. Cop said I went through a red. I said it was amber. Didn't wash. I was late for a train and there was an empty intersection
    on a Sunday morning. Had to cop it sweet.
  16. As a nation, we already did. :bolt:
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  17. I thought that's what Australia did in the recent election.
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  18. So how did that work. No rego and you didn't have a license, so how did you get a ticket?

  19. Same way as not having a helmet.
  20. Ban them all. Bloody lycra clad omos. :D