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Speed limits in road works

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Near my area at the moment there are a huge amount of road works going on (Eastern Suburbs of Melb) and every one is either 40/60 at some point during the day (it changes day to day).

    Because im not long on my L's i dont want to risk them so i sit on or 3 k's over the posted limit but every car on the road fly's past me doing either 60 in a 40 or 80 if its 60, i dont get it.... why 20k's over is an instant loss.

    if your going to speed dont do it in a road works site, do 10k's over in a 80 not 20 k's over in a 60...

    And to the b!7ch who was less then 2 meters away from me looking down my exhaust, If i ever see your car un attended im going to key a little note in your door asking you kindly not to bully Learners... (not that she will see this, Mini Coper from knox private hospital)
  2. Forgot to mention the road works on boronia Rd near wantirna/vermont has police there at least once a week.

    same for the road works in ringwood but they hide there at night..
  3. get used to it sunshine.

    do your thing, the majority of the time through all Eastlink crap i do the signed limit too, but anyone who lives around there doesnt usually bother. there's rarely cops (that ive seen), but they are there sometimes.

    i got done in roadworks on the Monash. hurts.

    but yeah if she's tailgating, try turning around and giving the driver a good stare, so they know you know theyre there. if they keep it up, try a finger :wink: and assuming they cant pass you coz traffic is a bit thick, if they keep it up, just slow right down, and then look at em and give em the finger. if they dont learn, then they will have to go even slower :twisted:
  4. Don't sweat it.
    I have idiots tailgate me on the r1 through school zones. I sit on 40, they drive up my ass then overtake at 60+.
    I just ride up to thier windows at the next set of lights, exhaust system (akra race system) and sit on 3000 rpm.
    Great seeing thier dip shitte windows shake with a look of horror on thier faces. :wink:
  5. we dont have R1s :p
  6. You'll have fun once you get to play with the litre toys.

    Mind you, a big bore v-twin with a race yoshi system is the perfect driver punishment tool. Better than water boarding!
  7. We have similar road works near here. In fact, we've been living with road-works here around this area for as long as I've been here (5 years). My observations are that people will ride your arse, regardless of what speed you do. If someone's in front of them, they will travel at whatever speed is required to catch you, even if you're 20kph over the signed road-work limit, they will still catch you. They'll then sit right on your tail with the expectation that if you go faster, it's alright by them 'cos you'll be the first one picked up by the speed trap.

    If you sit on the side of the road and observe cars by themselves along the stretch, they'll generally adhere to the limit, but in a pack, they'll push each other along with a pack mentality of "Let's make the leader go faster, so we'll go faster too, but we won't get pinged!".

    That's just how I view it. It's human nature. They won't get too upset if you stick to the limit, so do that. Remember, you're not doing anything wrong by doing the limit.
  8. Its even worse when there is a motorbike in the group, it never happned when i was caging it.
  9. LOL did that, then when it hit 80 again i gunned it and pulled away, so i thought lol she flew past me in the new mini yelling something, i think it was "ohh baby your so hot, follow me home".

  10. HAHA i read it three times and had a giggle each time..

    legend.. :grin:
  11. What I love is how they speed in roadworks limit zones, and then sit 10kmh under the limit on the open sections. People are just shit.
  12. dumb shits just dont understand that speeding in roadworks is the most common cause of death for roadworkers.
    i stop the fahn kahns, & have a jolly ol' go....sometimes they even get out for some fisticuffs, because it is clearly their right to endanger my crew......lucky i carry my 2-way for back-up :LOL:
  13. i found that when i was traveling to lakes entrance on a fortnightly basis with cruise control set to hwy speed limit & slow down for towns, i would have people pass me through towns then 5-20 km's down the road i would pass them (still with c/control set in the passing lanes of course ) then come to the next town and the buggars are trying to pass again.

    used to make me laugh
  14. They were patrolling the new shitty stink roadworks after montague street on thursday night.

    I have never seen them police the Werribee Palmers road roadworks for over 12 months.

    I do 80, everyone does 100+ past me. Bike or car I fear i'm going to be rammed.

    But it's ok, the cops are busy fining drivers that straightline a roundabout at 9pm with bugger all traffic around. :roll:
  15. Best tactic I have found, is stick to the posted limi, wait till a car passes doing 20ks over, give them a 3-400m head start, go "Thank you, cop bait", and do whatever speed you feel comfortable at.

    Or maybe I'm just a bastard like that...

  16. Joel, I hope that everyone paid attention to what you said. No-one should be killed at work. Next time you get in a scrap with one of 'em, kick em in the goolies for me.
  17. I'm with rs101, let the boxheads find the revenue collectors for you.
  18. will do rog, especially when its my responsibility to ensure that each of my employees returns home as they were when they left.