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Speed Limits, False Sense of Security

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ampto, May 6, 2012.

  1. Yes

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  3. Irrelevent

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  1. After the light of the new TAC ad i've recently had a few interesting conversations with family members and friends regarding speed limits. I was concerned that the consensuses was that you are completely safe IF you are traveling at or below the posted speed limit. Few people agreed with me that at any speed you are potentially traveling at a dangerous velocity.

    Have the majority created a false sense of security for current and future drivers or riders by reinforcing speed kills. Now this thread isn't about speed limits or the political side of the law, I'm just interested that if this generalization is correct. Even better if this topic does arise please ask WHY they feel safer at or below the speed limit .

    I couldn't find and studies or surveys that focus on this issue specifically so thought i'd see what i could collect here. It could be a useful direction to take against current and future motorcycling propaganda.

    EDIT: Some people seem to be going the wrong way with this topic so maybe i wasn't very clear originally. I'm not asking weather speeding is safer, or weather going slower is safer. I'm just asking whether you believe, by observing those around you if speed limits have created a false sense that "no harm can come of me" and therefore neglect the other factors that contribute to their safety.
  2. I dont think many car drivers would know the speed limit,

    They are in the group following the car ahead,

    Country roads are the same, Cars travelling in small groups, Packed together for safety,
    Security blanket type thing,

    The first car runs over a cliff, The rest of the Lemmings follow,
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  3. I tend to feel safer at 110kph on the highway than I do at 50kph in the city.

    There's more likelyhood of an incident in a city/town than on the highway but the speed differential may cause greater harm on a country road.
  4. I don't think in general this is the case with Motorcycle riders but it does seem to be the car driver mantra. 100km/hour in the middle of summer is one thing, in fog, with conditions of black ice and driving rain it is a completely different thing.
  5. 95% of people on NR would drive a car too. I think your comments are as stupid as the anti motorbike sentiment - no login in your arguments.

    As much as I like to drive / ride fast, OF COURSE it is safer to drive below the posted speed limit. How can it possibly be safer to ride faster? More fun - yes, but safer, no!
  6. Not necessarily, It is often safer to accelerate out in front of the traffic. It puts you in a position with many more options to choose from in an emergency. And I would say that bike riders drive cars differently to car only drivers. They are more bike aware to start with and usually more situational aware. You have to be on a bike or you could be dead and that carries over to driving.
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  7. Its not about whether driving/riding faster is safer. I'm looking at the average person believes that they cannot injury or kill themselves or others driving at or below the posted limits.

  8. Sorry - I think it speed read the thread.

    Absolutely. You need to drive to the conditions. That said, the speed limit is usually more than safe enough 99% of the time. Bikes and cars are safer, and have better brakes than 30+ years ago.

    This is balanced by more cars on the road, and of course, more distractions (mobile phones, busier lifestyle etc).

    So......I dont know the answer!!!
  9. Obviously speed is relevant in the sense that if we were all restricted to 10 kph, deaths on our roads would stop. (with everyone following that rule.

    But out in the real world, where goods have to be delivered, people have to get places, etc, etc...speed is a compromise. And I ticked irrelavent, because at these higher speeds, what we are doing whilst at the controls and our level of skill, is what makes the difference.

    For instance... Assuming a speed limit of 80k's...I could quite sensibly be considered safer doing 100k on my bike, than soccer mum, with 2screaming kids, her mind on what to feed them for tea, phone in the ear, etc doing 75k (wipe off five) like a good little sheeple.

    So speed, cannot be considered without also considering it's relativity at that moment.
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  10. on my way home from work a couple of years ago i was traveling at the posted speed limit of 80ks in the middle lane of the ICB (the ICB has a few twists and turns along its 80k path).

    About half way through near what ever that park near the hospital (Victoria Park maybe) is called, when i went past an old guy in a 1960's small car doing 60ks in the left lane. For a reason iam not sure but i seen him changed into the right lane and as soon as i did a truck come around the bend and slammed into the car then braked.

    even the police said the old guy doing 60 in an 80 zone was dangerous
  11. Yes i can see that point of view perfectly, there are many other factors that come into play. But putting that aside, the way the bodies responsible for road safety approach the "speed" issue cause people to become lazy, inattentive and have an "all is well" attitude because they are traveling at or below the posted speed, because only speed kills and nothing bad will happen?
  12. The best thing that could happen is to remove all speed limits and replace them with advisory speed signs based on a simple principle everyone can understand.

    This bullshit where a bureaucrat sets a speed limit to what he or she reckons based on the mood they are in because again they didn’t get any sex the night before has to stop.

    It has made our roads very dangerous.
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  13. When I lived in Kiwi-land a few years ago the mantra was "drive to the conditions; if conditions change, adjust your speed" as in, the speed limit is sometimes too fast and you need to take responsibility to slow down if necessary.

    I think, though that the over-zealous setting and enforcing of limits here has
    hidden that responsibility from many. Let's face it, often the limits are unreasonably low and people don't often encounter situations where they need to slow down even more, especially if they rarely leave the city.
  14. Speed and safety are situational.

    Sometimes high speed is unsafe - other times a higher speed is more safe - to pigeon-hole speed as inherently unsafe is short-sighted.
  15. Speed limits are determined by the road layout as a whole (some stretches of 80km/h mountain roads have ridiculous corners, but for the most part, one can see quite a distance ahead - as an example) - this is done by engineers with a background knowledge/set of basic standards regarding reaction times, and braking distances as determined through neurological "advisors" (There are many other factors considered, and having dealt with some of the engineers, I can assure you their methods aren't perfect). It basically comes down to a trade off between safety and time-efficiency.
  16. I drive and ride at the speed that I " think is safe "
  17. Great comment, I like it,
    There are bike riders that drive cars, And car drivers that dont ride bikes ever,

    I get in cars, and if I didnt tell them to slow down when I do, They would have run up the arse of the car in front,

    Car drivers watch the car in front of them, End of story, They dont know how to look ant where else,

    Driver of 40 years, I had to teach her to look ahead of the car in front. Just to learn to ride a bike,

    I am not a computer warrior, I have been on rides with most of the riders on here,
    So, I am out there riding,

    I am also a professional driver,

    Try watching these people closely when you drive or ride past them in cars,
  18. of course, if you are under or on the speed limit then theres no danger in driving. but if you're only just a few kms over the limit then you'll probably die.

    car drivers do only watch the car infront. i purposely did some late braking into an intersection, nearly got rear ended by the driver behind because they were using me as a braking marker.

    they should use their own brain, no wonder they all drive in nice tight packs on the country highways.
  19. Who voted no in this poll.... ?!!

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  20. i voted yes because i know people who put all the importance into the speed limit, but drive while talking/looking at you in the passenger seat and gesticulating, or they don't look when changing lanes, drive down the highway at night with low beams on, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    i hate being a passenger; if you comment on their driving it is taken as 'back seat driving' or a personal affront, rather than genuine concern/education, and just ends up doing more harm than good. I am very rarely comfortable as a passenger in a car.

    Another thing is risks that make you shit yourself on a bike, car drivers will not even notice at all, oblivious automatons. They probably wake up when they reach their destination and wonder how they got there.

    I think it would be great if there were no speed limits and everyone drove to the conditions, but then my dad brought to my attention the fact that you cannot rely on people to think for themselves, because they are lemmings.

    there are plenty of people on the roads that shouldn't be there, riders and drivers. driving is seen (by the legal system) as a right and not the privilege it really is. People out there are a risk to themselves and other people, and any punishment for hurting others is minimal at the most extreme, otherwise non-existent

    Its the same as criminals, i would love to see the scum washed from the streets, but it aint gonna happen. This is a fact of life, and we are the ones likely to suffer.

    Protect ya neck, coz no one else will do it for you.