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NT Speed limits ditched

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chillibutton, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. O






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  2. Now all the other states that take a whole day to cross (ie. not you victoria) need to get this.
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  3. Just recently drove from Darwin to Katherine, all I'll say is 130 km/hr is plenty fast considering the state of the road in many sections.
  4. No no no we need it too! It's a long way from Mildura to emm, Cape Conran... ;)
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  5. The first link is a good article. I like this point, which is made a few times:

    Rigorously enforced low speed limits deskill drivers of the ability to judge appropriate speed.
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  6. Lies. I had to go through vic on way to Barossa. Barely had time to finish my second beer before the border check.
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  7. They must have been NT stubbies
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  8. We will never have this in Victoria , they are lowering the speed limits down here the pricks.
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  9. Old buggers like me grew up with these. A time when road conditions, traffic and the limits of your ancient machinery determined your speed rather than the governments insatiable appetite for money.

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  10. So now all that footage of high speed runs will be attributed to NT and not on your mates very long driveway.
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  11. This is just confirmation of the success of the trial and the further extension of the derestricted road to 336 kilometres. I was quite comfortable at 264kph but my cobber on his 1400Z wanted to try out the top end limiter which stopped him at 299kph. It only got him to the petrol station three minutes before me!

    We'd had a chat with the local firies before leaving the Alice (last year) and they confirmed that the accident rate on the trial section remained low. With the ability to choose your own comfortable speed it was very noticeable that there is none of the daisy chains of vehicles all trundling along in convoy that we suffer in the southern states, all held up at 5kph under the posted limit by the self appointed speed nazi at the head of the line.

    Many grey nomads are comfortable at 80kph, lots of drivers cruise safely at 130kph, and the occasional fangster would ride at warp factor 3 until the fuel burn demanded a bit of caution. But this all spaces out the field and makes driving/riding far more comfortable with more attention on the road than on the speedo.
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  12. It is, after all, only a two lane rural road!

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  13. Ah reminds be of the good old days of my youth...

    Mind you, any speed over 180kph on my grey import GSX750R had to be calculated by revs, as the speedo only read to 180. So 12500rpm on the tacho (from memory) was around 250kph...
  14. Mmm

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  15. #16 oldcorollas, Sep 3, 2015
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    Original Vic/NSW Photo before HeliHeli s Photoshop effort... :p

    Flat chat1.
    is that 258 kittens/hr? :D
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  16. Call for speed limit increase on the Pacific and Hume Highways | smh.com.au

    Grade separated intersections. Sure.

    Still leaves that completely missing driving attribute of lane discipline in Australia though. Cruising at 130 and some dumb cagers comes up behind a semi doing 95 and merges without looking (like they currently do in 110's now with nary a hesitation). Fun times with Brembo's.
  17. Why they removed it in the first place is beyond me!
  18. I lived in the NT then and can confirm that high speed was not a factor in fatalities at all. Most accidents were from people going to sleep and running off the road or colliding with wild life. And on my many trips between Alice Spring and Darwin I was hardly overtaken by a fast driver. It was intense pressure from the Federal Government that led to the introduction of the 130km/h limit.
  19. Official Quote "We've removed the speed limit, correct.. We've also gone ahead and installed speed humps every 850 meters along the freeway.. Someone has to think of the kittens!"
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