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N/A | National Speed limiting motorcycles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by boy.racer, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. The national speed limit in Australia is 110km/hr.

    Motorcycles are often capable of travelling well in excess of 250km/hr.

    It seems to me that this is unnecessary. Now on the race track I can understand a riders desire to push his machine to the limits at high speed, as there is safety in riding at a track with gravel traps and run offs, but on public roads being able to reach such outrageous speeds is at the very least a concern.

    Most motorcyclists would not exceed the speed limit, but some amongst us are determined to cause danger on the roads and exploit the power that lies dormant within modern motorcycles.

    A suggestion that I would hope the Government take note of to limit the top speed of production motorcycles, from 2012 onwards, to the national speed limit, thus giving no opportunity for speeders and reckless hoons to put the community in danger and give motorcyclists a bad name.

    Not only would this stop motorcyclists from accidentally drifting over freeway speeds, but it would in the long term reduce road trauma and the negative perception of motorcyclists as dangerous road users.

    I am open to debate on what exactly this top speed should be, as some might suggest that it would be necessary in moments of peril to do 120km/hr on the freeway (I would encourage them to learn to use their brakes however).
  2. Do you hear that? I hear the sound of a thousand angry beige toyota camrys roaring this way! my god the cardigens!!! oh the humanity!
  3. If you have nothing serious to contribute, don't bother then.
  4. Well if you make a serious thread that isnt based on a stupid idea that wouldnt work in real life id post seriously, kthnxbye.
  5. :rofl: :popcorn: Lets see how many take the bait and give boyracer some fun today
  6. This is a joke, right?
    Most motorcyclists never exceed the speed limit? What planet are you on?
    99.9% of road users speed every day. Try the F3 of a morning, do 110 and you will get run over. The same with most roads.
    In my limited 30 yeas experience riding or driving on public roads, the average top speed of traffic everywhere is the limit +10.
    Sure, there are some who push the limit to the max. Done it myself and killed no children or kittens in the process.
    The idea of speed limited vehicles does have SOME merit, but how far do you want to let the nanny state intrude into you freedom of choice, which is one of the reasons we choose to ride? Also, what happens when you DO go to Eastern Creek?
    Everyone doing 110 down the main straight kinda does away with the thrill a bit!
  7. I think we should also speed limit hyundai getzes. They can easily reach 150, very dangerous
  8. Now hang on. I made no mention of speed limiting motorcycles on the race track. Eastern creek is an acceptable venue to do that sort of thing at, if it's something that you gain pleasure through.

    By all means go fast on the track, I enjoy watching motorsport as well, but on public roads we are using our bikes as transportation, not as a toy for thrillseeking.
  9. Nah, make it 40 and they'll never get into moments of peril in the first place.

    Why don't you send this idea in to the National Road Safety summit? I'm sure they'll welcome it with open arms. Put your name on it, you can have all the credit.
  10. Could you tell me how I might do that titus? I personally think that is a great idea.
  11. The troll is strong in this one.
  12. don't feed the troll
  13. Beige boy.....your drugs must be some strong shit](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)
  14. actually i have a better idea...

    to prevent community deaths, how about the government makes a herpes / gnorrehea / STD register and anyone listed on it can't copulate with anyone thus reducing the risk of STD's in the community and the transfer of AIDS and by abolishing speed in the community as well (see wot I did there? :D) we will stop people from dying in their homes and on the street...

  15. 30 kph is enough to kill you on a motorcycle, if you hit some thing solid,

    Same applies to push bikes,

    Why arent you pushing for Attgatt for push bike riders, They wear the flimsiest clothing,

    Leading to horrific trauma when they fall off their push bikes,

    It people like you that give motor cyclists a bad name, and you excell at it.

    Purely from your ignorance of what riding a motor cycle is to most people,

    I find your comments on any thing on two wheels absolutely laughable,

    How many times did you fail to get your learners licence for a motor cycle,

    You dont ride a motorcycle, Thats blatantly obvious, From your comments any where you post,

    What happens if a car or truck accidently drifts over the speed limit, The way you talk, thats Okay.
  16. I have never failed the learners test deadman, and while you are entitled to your opinions I was expecting some to get out of shape about the future. But that's what it is: the future.

    We need to start discussing ways to stop the carnage on our roads, the burden should not just fall at the Government, and the police's, feet.
  17. local cars in this country have been limited to ~180 for donkeys and none of you worry too much about that.
  18. I know of a Ford Territory Turbo that was doing 250 kph on the road in East Gippsland,
    That wasnt deristricted,
  19. Beige.racer's only agenda is to be the most beige here and get a rise out of NR's. If he really did care about safety, he'd care about the little children or the young minds being debauched by his continuous use of the internet.

    He doesn't care that he's young and rides whilst calling for others his age not too.

    He doesn't care that he's uninformed and unrepentant about it.

    He doesn't even care about his own life - he'll brush his own teeth, yes, it's true, he's not denied it.

    His hypocrisy is plain for all to see... he demands that NR motorcyclists leave basic maintenance to those that are the best trained to carry out such activity, for one's own safety, but he'll brush his own teeth despite there being dentists who are going wanting for work that they're highly trained to perform.

    I'm saddened that he appears to be a hypocrite and a fraud and can't even set a consistent framework for his beigeness. I fear that he will descend into a pit of inconsistency and repressed perversion before long... it's only a matter of time... the cracks are beginning to show... he just expressed a fetish for police's feet.

  20. boy.racer. Is it your intention to role-play the extreme beige point of view in order to challenge people to shift their attitudes away from beige because you're role-playing what total beigness looks like in all its horrid entirety?

    If so, then I applaud you in your efforts. Interesting approach, and I reckon you're doing a top job! Keep up the good work for the sanity of us all!