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NSW Speed limit increases, south sydney

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Speed limits lifted in parts of southern Sydney
    22 Mar, 2012 03:50 PM
    Motorists will be allowed to travel faster on four major roads in St George and Sutherland Shire following a review of the state’s 100 most ‘‘annoying’’ speed zone changes.
    The speed limit on part of another main road will be lowered, while changes have been ruled out on seven other routes through the southern suburbs.

    Announcing the changes at Heathcote today, Roads Minister Duncan Gay said they would be introduced progressively, and motorists would be advised before they took effect.

    As reported in today’s Leader, the 50km/h speed limit on Princes Highway, Heathcote, will be lifted to 60km/h, while a 100km/h section south of the township will be extended 1.2km north.

    In addition, the north-bound 110km/h speed limit on the F6 at Waterfall will be extended north by 600 metres.

    The speed limit on New Illawarra Road between Heathcote Road, Lucas Heights and Recreation Drive, Barden Ridge, will be lifted from 70km/h to 80km/h.

    On the M5 motorway at Beverly Hills, the speed limit on the eastern approach to King Georges Road will rise from 90km/h to 100km/h.

    A speed reduction will occur on a short section of General Holmes Drive, Kyeemagh, dropping from 70km/h to 60km/h.

    The ten k drop on general holmes annoys me. I can't recall where it turns to 70 but if it stays 60 beyond the m5 merge, it's a stupid idea. it's an 8 lane road. It doesn't need to be 60. Just because it slows down in morning peak doesn't mean it's appropriate to keep it slow.
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  2. Finally. I hate that 50 zone. There is no rhyme or reason.
  3. I was in Sydney between Xmas and New Years and couldn't believe the amount of reductions from when I was there 18 months earlier...
    Some of them really defy belief!
    We've had a lot of reductions here in VIC but not to that level I must say...

    I can understand the reduction on Anzac Bridge expressway during peak but what's wrong with variable speed limits so you're not stuck doing 60kph at 1AM...
    I found that frustrating... grrrr...
  4. Gosford to Kariong, the Pac Hwy has gone from 70 to 60 going up the hill (Grrr) though still 70 going down the hill.
  5. There was actually. A fairly typical emotional response.
  6. 600 metres?
    That should slash two whole seconds off people's journeys.
    But then they'll lose the time again when they drive on a road that just had the limit lowered.
  7. ah well...at least more good than bad for once...
  8. Cool story. Care to add anything else just as interesting?
  9. 70 to 60 on General Homles Drive. WTF. Wouldv'e been better to go from 70 to 80. I ride through there everyday and everyone does 80.
  10. I think it's only through Kyeemagh, not past the airport.
  11. You mean a Heathcote highschool kid got hit while running across the road agaisnt a red pedestrian light? Then why isn't it a 40km/h school zone and 70/80km/h other times?
  12. Because there isn't a school there.
  13. Sutherland highway bacon will loose some business with those increases at Heathcote and Waterfall, i travel from the shire to the gong everyday and they love both the 50km/h zone at heathcote and the drop from 110 to 80 at the end of the F6. But its about time that the 50 zone was lifted, i feel like im going to fall off my bike im going that slow after the run up the freeway.