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VIC Speed limit in Melb's central district cut to 40km/h.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, May 15, 2012.

  1. And their ultumate goal is for 30kph limits!


  2. Just in the interests of full disclosure, I'd like to know if they will be exempting cyclists.
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  3. I'm fed up with this bullshit. Reducing speed is their answer to everything. Cars are not the problem in the CDB....retarded pedestrians who disregard traffic lights and step out into traffic are the problem. You can't go one day in the CBD without seeing one of these lobotomised morons almost cause an accident. :censored:
  4. Just heard this bull**** on the radio !
    Though we did know for some time that it would happen.
    In certain circles of industries, this is known as 'Expectation Management'... ie, feeding us with the crap news for some time, until we eventually accept it...the question is : Will we ???
    Will anything be done to change it ?
    One would have extreme optimism if they believe the answer is 'yes'.
    The 'governing' authorities are certainly aligning us all in their chosen and 'planned' direction...where everything we do will be 'controlled'...
    (This came straight from the 'horses mouth'...an ex-copper friend of mine)

    This is what they're doing with reduced speed limits, the introduction of 'smart' phones, cars, cards..heck even house meters...and why but of course, unmanned aerial drones...the list of additional 'efficient' technological 'advances' is no doubt long and distinguished...

    Sign of the times, I reckon...
  5. Speaking about this on 3oldW, they still need approval from VicRoads before it can be changed...
    Somehow I don't think VicRoads will have any choice because the TAC, MURAC, etc are behind this push and they get what they want because they're right and not to be challenged in anything they want.
  6. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say the pedestrian argument is just being used to justify the initial introduction of 40km speed limits. Once everyone is used to this in the CBD, they will then start rolling out 40km/h limits in all residential areas.

    No doubt the plans are already drawn up.
  7. And don't forget the revenue. Just imagine!
    Won't people think of the revenue?

    Time to stock up on aluminum foil methinks!
  8. Yup I think those plans were drawn up long ago...
  9. Yarra, Port Phillip, Darebin and Moreland are all on record as supporting universal 40 kmh limits, to be followed by 30kmh limits.

    Actually I think Darebin also wants a men with red flags...
  10. Anyone stupid enough to get hit by a car at 40kph isn't going to be bright enough to avoid it at 30.

    Install bull bars, start the cull.
  11. I know this is going to be unpopular here ... but is it time to start thinking again about razor sharp front number plates? :wink:
  12. Well that's just ridiculous!
    I prefer the idea of sharpening the front guard into a sharp point...
  13. Yep they were but what wasn't clear was where exactly..
    They were talking about adding many city roads like Elizabeth St, Collins St, etc.
    But now they've decided to just make it the whole city center, including area outside of the queen vic market, down to the water around Etihad stadium.

    This will include Spencer St, King St, Wurundjeri Way being reduced to 40kph between Dudley St - Victoria St and Flinders St..

    Won't that'll be great at certain times over night!

    This is what Doyle said that gave me the ](*,) feeling..

    "We know that inattentivness, not looking, etc causes accidents but by far the biggest cause is not that but speed! And he's been given all the data, info from TAC, MURAC, VicPol that makes it clear that speed is the cause more than people not looking"

    FFS, like this isn't a part of a bigger plan?
    Who wants to lay odds that in future, same idiots will be proposing 80kph on the Hume Fwy!
  14. And? Is there a difference in penalty between "50 over" and "70 over"?
  15. Here in the Peoples Republic of Moreland they'd just prefer to ban anything with an internal combustion engine - or for that matter, any non-human propelled vehicle.
  16. ._. time to move
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  17. To where??

    Have you seen the speed reductions in NSW??
    Hardly any 60k zones left as most reduced to 50..
    Couldn't believe some of the roads they've changed.

    Come to think of it, the Anzac Bridge in Syd (similar road but wider than our Monash thu tunnel towards Westgate) has been reduced to 60kph permanently!
    Fun at 3am in the morning with popo waiting..

    This infection is spreading thru the country...](*,)
  18. Lets change one little thing: 0kph.
  19. It may sound like a joke, but I had a sincere conversation with a Darebin council staffer who told me... and this is the truth... that they wanted cars to divert through other municipalities because they don't want global warming in their suburb.

    These are people making decisions on our behalf.
  20. Ah, these must be the same ones who fight against daylight savings because of the extra hour of sunlight causing their curtains to fade...