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Speed Limit Change - Maleny Stanley River Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by chevy, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. I was on the Maleny Stanley River Road (SEQ) this afternoon and noticed the speed limit has been reduced from 100 kph to 80 kph for the whole length of the road. Real shame as it was enjoyable at 100, at 80 it's will be boring. IMHO it was not dangerous at 100. I have noticed many roads in SEQ that were fun to ride at the speed limits of 80 kph or 100 kph have been reduced to 60 and 80 respectively eg Peachester twisties went from 80 to 60.

    Are you seeing the same thing happen where you ride?
  2. WHAT!?!

    Not happy Jan. I agree that it will now be a very boring road and is a pointless reduction.
    I was up there about 2 weeks ago and it was still 100kph, so must be a very recent change.

    I think I will have to go for a ride/drive there on my next day off and see how painful it is now.

    Thanks for the heads up, quite possibly saved me from an unexpected speeding fine of 20km/h over.
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    I was very dissapointed to see this as it is my favorite road in my local area. Such a lovely flowing road at the correct speed!

    I personally believe that 80 is too slow for that road and can only think of one reason to drop it. Most cars can't even stick to the new limit rolling down those hills without braking. Great revenue opportunity! Why must governments do this. If you leave the limit at 100 in a rural area and let road users decide the appropriate speed based on what they observing, how is this a bad thing?

    I noticed the change two weeks ago on a mid week run.
    It's a road I normally ride every weekend, at a time of day when traffic is pretty much non existent.
    For me , at speeds north of the old speed limit, it is an exhilarating, life affirming type of ride that always made me feel lucky to be able to ride it and happy!

    The speed I usually run it would get me a fine at the 100 limit. Now it will be a suspension.
    Hopefully there isn't an increase in enforcement, but I'm not holding my breath!
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  4. Has anyone else noticed that as they constantly lower speed limits and replace every give way sign with traffic lights, that the general standard of people's driving has become worse?

    It seems like the age of letting the public think and make decisions on how to drive according to conditions is gone. Now most people seem to just look at the sign and not the road. This becomes more apparent when there is a change to conditions such as rain, that most cannot think to adjust their driving to suit.

    I strongly beleive that 80 is too slow for that road, and we will likely see an increase in enforcement and an increase in things like people overtaking in less than ideal places as they get frustrated with cars sitting the usual 10+ km/h below the posted limit.

    Give is 5 more years and any rural road that has more than 1 corner every 2km will have a limit of 60.
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  5. Every time I see the title "Speed Limit Changed" - I know it's going to be in one direction only... (down). When are we going to have some people in power with the guts to consider raising some speed limits, or undoing some of the stupid laws that have been introduced recently. (No overtaking on a single white line)...
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  6. I was honestly shocked when I found out about the no overtaking on a single white line. What then is the point in having the two types of lines?

    Seems every time I go for a ride, a limit has been reduced, or an overtaking section has been removed etc.
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  7. I rode along the Maleny Stanley River road yesterday. Most of the other riders I saw seemed oblivious to the new speed limit or didn't care. I rode it at the old limit as it was too dam boring at the new limit. I'll probably get ticket some time in the future.
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    I went riding further north this weekend, around Pomona, Kin Kin, Cedar Pocket, etc, and the limits on those roads are mostly 80 as well, but the roads are nowhere as good in terms of width, vision, surface or road markings as Stanley River rd.

    These roads were tight and growth right to the road edge so the limit set seemed acceptable because most cars wouldn't travel faster than this along them anyway, although I still could comfortably do 100 along most of them, slowing down as the road tightened right up or vision was poor.

    I still don't get why they just cant make all roads outside of built up areas 100 zones and then let road users pick an appropriate speed, rather than dictating a lower limit.

    If Stanley River Road is genuinely an 80 road, some of what I rode today should have been 40. Glad it wasn't though!
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    Off topic but had to laugh when on this road recently.

    We get out early to avoid the crowd and get a good run in. Today as we turned onto the road from the Beerwah-Woodford Rd, I was just behind a Ducati 916/996/998, who we caught up with just before the turn off. He takes off, I follow, cruising at semi spirited pace. Well that is until the first real corner, which for those who don't know, is a left hand corner with an advised speed of 50KPH.

    Now I like this corner ( I like every corner on this road) and usually take it a pretty much double the advised speed unless I am feeling like going a bit quicker on the day. LOL

    Not today though, as old mate on the Ducati, who was just seconds ago screaming along, decided to brake, then let them off then re-apply those brakes before very tentatively taking said corner at about 75. Once through the corner, he is hard on the gas again. I realise leaving this corner that he is going to ruin my run with his shitty cornering techniques, so I decide to pass him, figuring he will be much less nervous with me not pushing him along.

    As I round him up, he obviously gets his nose out of joint and makes a feeble attempt to stop me making my pass. Had the jump on him though plus about 60HP advantage up my sleeve so no probs getting past without getting too far into warp speed and then had no problem leaving him once the next set of corners arrived.

    My riding buddy on the other hand had issues getting past him as now had his back up and didn't like being passed. So in my mates words, " he would take off doing 200 miles an hour out of the bends and then teeter though each corner at crawling pace. Completely fcuked my run up". I half jokingly asked him why he didn't just round him up around the outside of a corner, to which he replied " I considered it but the way he was riding, he probably would have run me wide off the side of the road if he saw me coming"! To which I just laughed, as I had an awesome run!

    I got to Maleny 5 minutes before my mate, as by the time he had the opportunity to pass, his run was wrecked so he just followed Mr Ducati into town.

    I have struck this before but not for a while.

    I just don't understand why a fellow rider wouldn't make it as easy as possible for someone who is faster than you to pass, rather than acting like a moving road block, and potentially riding above your comfort/skill level and put yourself at risk of hurting yourself?

    I am happy to have someone who wants to go faster in a car or bike off my tail, so what gives with those that try to race you?

    Just wanted to share, thanks for taking the time to read my long winded post.
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  10. You're kidding me, something similar to this happened to me on the same stretch of road a couple of weeks back. I was setting up for a "spirited" run up the hill before the Maleny Stanley River Road turn. I noticed motorcycles coming up behind me which was fine as I was just about to start accelerating when the first rider dived in front of me on the lefthand sweeper. In hindsight I should have gone faster to stay in front but suffice to say my run up was ruined as this rider slowed too much for all the corners the whole way up. They pulled over when we turned on to the Maleny Stanley River Road but there was a rider on a Suzuki behind us all who was heaps faster than me so I had some fun trying to keep up. He's probably saying the same think about me :)
  11. You may have also noticed that the speed limits have changed all the way from just past the Kilcoy Beerwah road intersection going towards woodford down to 80 right through to D'aguilar which is now 60 and then on the caboolture side of Wamuran 80 sign has been right out to past rangeview estate I drive this road at least twice a day to work and sometimes more when I drive the truck makes it a slow trip .I actually work on Kilcoy Beerwah road close to Woodford end I see many police vehicles on it most of them unmarked but you can tell when they pull someone up and have their party lighys on
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    Just a heads up guys.

    Stay away from Stanley River rd.

    Enforcement is in overkill mode due to the hornets nest being stirred up over the TT debate.

    In fact the whole hinterland was crawling with enforcement this morning so I wouldn't bother.

    My mate did his licence today, due to an accumulation of points and is now going to sell the bike and get a track bike, or trail bike. Undecided at this stage.

    Even if you are travelling at the legal speed you will likely be pulled over for a bike check and breath test in the hope of finding some kind of infringement to ping you on. They don't want us up there.

    I was corralled onto a private property and harassed for 20 minutes. There were at least 8 cops there. Vehicles included 2 bikes, some cars, a 4X4 and a booze bus. None of which were visible from the road.
  13. Plenty about out on GC hinterland today also, all the way up to the border doing the same - sting time!