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Speed gun accuracy, WA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pappax, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. I just got caught for speeding on Wanneroo Rd here in Perth (as usual revenue-taking, they were grabbing people in the overtaking lane where the road splits and it's safe to overtake, not where it matters, cars cutting blind corners over opposite lanes, etc)...

    While I don't challenge the fact I was speeding, I just wonder about the accuracy of the speed guns they used (handheld). I thought they reduced the reading with a few km's to count for any inaccuracies. However the ticket I received showed the same value as the gun reading. Don't they deduct anything here in WA? Or can I challenge this fact in spite of having signed the ticket (I was too annoyed to study it in detail at the time)? 4 kms reduction would save me $100 and 2 demerit points... :LOL:

  2. Mmmm, you can contest accuracy if you like.

    Basically you elect to have the matter heard in court, and state your case as being that the gun was inaccurate: requiring documents from the police including factory test certificate, copy of calibration procedure, details of time before innaccuracies are apparent after a calibration, test cerrtificate clearly showing the date of the last calibration for the gun that was used to measure your speed.

    Then you have to make the point that this fails to allow the gun to conform to a speed accuracy required by the National Weights and Measures legislation, AND hope the judge agrees :)

    In Vic you may use this to avoid a fine altogether if you've been done for their [bullshit] 2k's over fine.

    But it's likely to waste more time than it's worth for you to contest and have the number lowered - unless they don't call your bluff and just drop it because they can't be stuffed producing the documents.

    Up to you.
    They're probably pretty much close enough though... :)

  3. If it was your first offence write a grovelling I am so sorry I wont do it again letter to them, got me off my first fine! :grin:
  4. See the sticky in this forum on speeding fines. There are "form letters" and information there. Writing a "I will contest" letter can often be enough if its marginal. Its not worth their effort appearing in court and they bank on this.
  5. Might be worth a try, but i've never heard of the sob letter working in WA.
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  7. /agree

    I know alot of people who have avoided fine and points from doing this.
  8. Thats why I told the poster to look at the sticky.... :p

    His details are there..
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. :wink: