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Speed differential

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by offtrack, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. #1 offtrack, Mar 21, 2013
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    Speed differential is something I am aware of, but will certainly pay more attention to.

    I actually drove today, but I witnessed something that had the potential to be pretty bad.

    I was stopped (2nd car back) at the lights. There was a vacant lane to my right, and light traffic around. Everyone had stopped, because a stray dog was wandering around on the footpath. Sure enough, as the light turned green, the dog decided to enter the intersection.

    Along comes a ute, in the vacant right lane, and proceeded to enter the intersection at about 60km/h (the speed limit). He saw the dog at the last moment, and hit the brakes, wiping off a little bit of speed. He clipped the dog, and continued to skid, but was well across the intersection by the time he slowed enough.

    Dog was ok, and continued to cross, with a bit of a yelp!

    Anyway, the moral is, the ute was actually traveling 60km/h faster than the traffic around it, if you think of it that way, even though he was not braking any laws.

    If it was a bike coming though, or a kid running across, it could have been a fatality.
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  2. In other news, the sun came up today, and will probably rise again tomorrow.
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  3. Still a worthwhile reminder, but. Need to pay attention to *both* absolute and relative speeds.
  4. And..... The ute driver was doing the limit... Dogs fault... Or anything else that crosses illegally... Or are you suggesting to go through intersections at a lower speed because something could come out in front of you?
  5. A good suggestion would be to slow down approaching a set of lights. Now I am not sure if the ute noticed the rather slow movement of traffic before they approached the lights, however if they did, slow moving traffic, when there shouldn't be, usually means something is up and caution should be taken. It's like approaching a bunch of slowed vehicles on the freeway...there could have been an accident or there could have been someone watching a cow...in either case, someone slowed down for an unknown reason and should be approached cautiously. Drive to the conditions.

    What are the chances?
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  6. Sorry, misread the ops post. I thought everyone was just stopped due to the traffic lights and not actually the dog on the road. Xx
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  7. Yeah, the title of the thread may be a little misleading: it's more about roadcraft and awareness than speed. If there is something odd going on, don't think 'beauty, all these dozy buggers haven't noticed the light has changed, I'll just whip up this unusual gap here'... or at least, don't think that without also pondering whether perhaps there is a *reason* the dozy buggers aren't moving...

    (side note: it can be fashionable around here to be scathing about cagers, and certainly some of them deserve it, but IMO one part of good roadcraft is assuming that although one driver acting oddly might just be a dick, if several are there may well be a cause. i.e. crediting other road users with some level of basic intelligence and judgement, not for fluffy emotional reasons but *because it has the potential to keep us safer*)
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  8. Definitely. When of the first things I drummed in to my sons when they first started learning to drive was to look well ahead and take note of what the other drivers/riders are doing.
  9. Driving too fast for the circumstances is actually against the law, regardless of the posted limit. Same with driving too slow.

    Very rarely enforced however.

    As described, however, it's hard to see that anybody would have done any differently. Cars taking off from an intersection, you just arriving, light is green. Just happy you didn't get caught at the lights.
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  10. Everyone is right.:)

    Im confused, and I started the thread.:banghead:

    Bravus is more correct than I was.:) So is ibast.

    The dog was J-walking, and didn't stop to exchange details, btw. I doubled back through the intersection about 5 mins later, but I couldn't see the dog. I hope he made it home safely.
  11. Pfft, was probably a police dog baiting speeding riders.
  12. Do you work for the TAC?
  13. It's simple - the douche in the Ute was not situationally observant....all he could see was the green arrow..........no banked up traffic...........no hesitant behaviour - just HIS path.....

    Again - douche....

    Yeah, yeah, yeah - relative speed differential - spot on - very correct......

    But anyone who cannot observe their situation is deadly at any speed....cager or rider alike....

    Glad the dog was okay..............

    I like dogs..............