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Speed Derestricted Sign

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shoreline, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Does the speed derestricted sign (white circle diagonal black line) really mean you can go as fast as want?

    Saw it travelling past tweeds heads inland at the weekend on a nice straight coutry road.


  2. I wish, ohhhh how I wish....but no.
  3. Back when I lived in the NT, it meant no speed limit, why is it different in NSW or QLD
  4. Yeah it just means that instead of an area limit, the state limit is used. In most cases 110km/h. Often these signs are used in areas (around the coast of SA) where you wouldn't normally travel at those kind of speeds due to blind corners, poor surface, narrow road etc. So it basically means "use your discression" with a maximum of 110km/h.
  5. I think you'll find in most cases 100km/h!
    Unless you are on a freeway which is then signposted as 110 or whatever.
  6. I know here in SA the state limit is 100km/h, unless signed at 110km/h specifically, so if you see the "No Speed Limit" sign here, it means you can go up to 100km/h.
  7. WA = 110km/h
  8. In NSW at least, if you are on a road with no speed limit sign and no street lights, the implied speed limit is 100 - who says you forget everything from the L test? :LOL:
  9. The amount of traffic for one and the vast distance is another. But sadly even the NT has speed limits now, 130kph i believe. I remember driving towards a cop doin 220kph (in a old 350chev ute) passed the local copper, he just smiled and waved :grin:
  10. If you see a sign like that, it's usually not a bad place to just go as fast as you damn want.
  11. I'm certain it means go as fast as you like.
  12. It means "end restricted zone -- open road limits apply".

    In most cases = 100 km/h

    Here in WA = 110 km/h (not for much longer though, I'll bet)

    Certainly doesn't mean "as fast as you want"
  13. "Where this is no posted speed limit sign, default speed limits apply.
    The default urban speed limit is 50 kmh.
    The default speed limit for all other roads is 100 kmh"

    RTA Handbook
  14. you saw him smile? :shock: :grin:
  15. To the best of my knowledge in QLD it's 110km/h unless in a suburban area where unsigned roads are 50km/h.
  16. It used to be 100, thats why the 110kph zones where classed as trials, though its probably been changed. You will see "End 80" signs around the back roads of Outer Caboolture, and heading north on Mt Mee before the northern twisties, that simply means max. state speed applies. (ie 100/110kph which ever it is)

    Wasn't the NT the case that any speed that is reasonable, that is if the copper thought the speed you where doing was dangerous (200+ at night no lights to exaggerate) that they could still book you, probably for dangerous driving.
  17. The speed in built up areas in the Northern Territory is 60km/h unless a sign is posted indicating another speed limit applies. Drivers should be aware that a speed limit of 50km/h is not uncommon.

    Outside built up areas the default speed limit is 110km/h. Other speed limits may apply in some areas. A speed limit of 130km/h on some parrts of the Barkley, Stuart, Victoria and Arnhem Highways.

    Sooooo there u have it...
  18. Yeah, he actually pulled us over for a breatho the next day and couldnt stop talkin bout the ute :LOL: I love Territorians they're a different breed. Soooo relaxed. Maybe its water?? j/k :)
  19. There's one on the NSW side of the border, on Lions Road, right where the road becomes a maze of twists! :grin: