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Speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tilduke, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. As a new rider I have a few questions about speed cameras.
    • Do speed camera operators usually operate alone?
    • Are the cameras in cars automatic or de they require user interaction?
    • How far do they usually place the "Speed cameras save lives" sign after the detection area.
    • Do they give a rats arse if you _slip_ over the limit then drop back down straight away when you realise?
    • What kind of demerit points are their in SA?

    Thanks for helping a newbie to the road ;)

  2. Hi kde,
    In VIC they operate alone.
    The only interaction between the operator and the so called contraption is the setting up that I know of.
    In VIC there is "no sign" to tell you that there is a mobile speed camera in operation.
    Last but not least they do not give a rats A$$ about what you are doing when it comes to speed!
    Its all about collecting the $$$$ nothing more!
    I haven't seen one of thease save a life instead cause drivers to panic and hit the anchors. (Putting you at risk!)

  3. Vic drivers spend more time looking at their speedo (especially in the Burnley tunnel) then actually looking out the windscreen and paying attention coz of the revenue raising cameras that seem to be everywhere these days :mad:

    btw, those are some "curious" questions you have there... :wink:
  4. Cameras in cars are automatic. The "operator" reads the paper and stops people from vandalising them. The sign is ~50-200m away (but I've seen it on _either_ side of the road).

    1 point for <15 over, 3 points for 15-30, haven't yet found out what it is above that :)

    points last three years from offence, rolling total. 12 = lose licence OR 1 year double or nothing sort of deal. Once you get to 6 points you get a letter stating "you're well on your way to losing your licence".

    No, they don't care if it is just transient. The camera can't tell this, althought cops with hair dryers are sometimes more realistic.

    Don't forget that redlight cameras are also speed cameras now: don't speed up to catch the lights.

    Charlie (becoming and expert on this topic)
  5. lol, I know what you mean Fireblade.

    "Could an individual on foot, flank a speed-camera without being seen?"

    "How well does camoflage paint obscure facial features?"

    "Where can I buy an unregistered firearm?"

  6. Quickly followed by:

    "How to remove bloodstains from clothes?"


    "Who can recommend a good lawyer?"
  7. And I've just realised recently that speed cameras that are also red light cameras are NOT only triggered when you run the red. If you speed through the green you get a flash too!

    My housemate is awaiting a fine, and I'm hoping I escape one as I should have been obscured by the van I was overtaking to get into a safer road position. Crazy hey? Have to make the choice between speeding fine and safety sometimes.
  8. I love the urban myth (or true story) of a young chap who decided to remove the rear number plate from an operators car and attach it to his own followed by several passes of the camera with excessive speed. :grin: :idea:

  9. It's different from state to state but the reasoning behind it always the same. If they -really- cared about your safety they'd warn you first. Especially if it's in a supposed black spot.

    At least in NSW they have 3 signs before fixed speed cameras and usually a 'speed cameras used in this area' before hairdryers.
  10. This was in a newspaper some time ago...can't find the link to it though (didn't look hard)
  11. Ohh no you guys have caught on *goes under another alias* :twisted:
  12. I couldn't afford the number of beers that guy deserves.
  13. Anyone who did the naked ride for MCC on sunday had exact replica stickers go over their plates that say something else for legal reasons. I won't say what because at the moment that little baby has taken the brunt of several high-speed passes and about $10 worth of tolls. AHHHHHHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA.
  14. Haha I found it here
  15. :rofl: that's what I was thinking when I read "Do speed camera operators usually operate alone" :twisted:

    Heard of another news story a while back where someone got flashed by a speed camera on the side of the road, so he did a u-turn and sped straight at the car and had a head on with it... he got flashed just before smashing into the parked car :shock: