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speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ksystemz, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. pretty new to these things , went past one today , near caramar , went past doing speed limit which is 70 , look at my speedo and was doing the limit but when i looked up i saw a flash from the camera , but there was someone working on it also , has got me stressing also. any ideas

  2. You are safe.
    If someone was working on it then they were testing it.
    You said you were doing the speed limit so why stress?
  3. on my l's so i get kinda nervous.. and have no idea about cameras
  4. yeah no need for you to worry.

    When they are setting them up and testing them they will stand there with a radar gun in hand and test that everything is A-OK and the flash will go off a few times - i assume doing some test photos. so you'll be fine.
  5. You're screwed.

  6. I've been fined below the limit. :p

  7. LOL You've been BRACKS'D :rofl:

    He is in Sydney, they dont get fined for riding inline 4's like we do here :p
  8. Hmm let's see - they took a still photo of your bike at a high shutter speed (so your bike looks still) and say, "Oh yeah - he was speeding"

    But pray tell how a still photo proves you were speeding! It just proves you were there.

    Get this - by this logic, I could submit a still photo of my bike to the World Lanspeed Record to the Guiness Book of Records, claiming I cracked 1210kph on the Eastern Fwy. :rofl: !!!

    Hmm I can see the headline :
    "Dan breaks world 100m sprint record -
    8.45 seconds -
    photo from speed camera proves it-
    Asafa Powell vows to better the time if fit and less arrogant"

    You could have been doing 30kph, bad luck - Flash flash flash ticket in the mail - the public are screwed. In this day and age, you are guily until proven innocent!
  9. Earlier this morning at about 6 am, i was traveling towards a speed camera at a few kilometers above the speed limit. To my surprise, the camera flashed. I've always thought these cameras were only good for one direction (ie the cameras were set up to take shots of the rear number plates).

    So all i wanted to know was, has anyone had this experience before? and if so, did you get a fine? I hope the RTA doesnt go to extreme measures to track down my bike.
  10. Camera flashes go off all the time for no apparent reason. There's a camera near my (old) work that some days flashes EVERY vehicle that goes past it. I wouldn't worry at all until you get the notice in the mail.
  11. Yea dont worry about it at all.
    worry about it if the fine comes in the mail
    Nothing can be done til then
  12. You are of course assuming your speedo is accurate :roll:

    Hopefully it was being set up at the time but if it's not..........
  13. Cameras can be set up to catch both directions although permanent ones usually only do one side, mobile ones can do both depending on where they set up, width of the road etc. I've had a head on camera fine in the car before.... don't think they can track you down form a head on shot of the bike though!
  14. How would they prove it? Even if they saw you in the same clothes riding the same type and coulor bike it still wouldn't be proof enough that is was your bike.
  15. Wheelie past them to hide your lic plate. :grin:
  16. With our BRACKS RHYMES WITH TAX state, the +/- 10% legal speedo error (If that is still the case?) and the police 3-4km/h out + grace, you can be doing the limit on your speedo but be fined by the revenue raising pigs of cameras so you may or may not be safe. Just don't worry about it until the day you actually get it in the mail which hopefully is never :grin:
  17. The NSW cameras sometimes include a lot of smoke and mirrors. By that I mean there are some fixed cameras that have signs on both directions of travel but they only sense in one direction. One I can remember distinctly is the one on the Great Western Highway between Warrimoo and Faulconbridge in the mountains. There are sense loops citybound but none westbound. Not to mention the centre barricade obscuring the licence plate of cars in the fast lane heading west. The signs are there as a trick to make people slow down when they see the camera even though it can't get them.

    Bloody annoying considering the usual thing that happens with these useless bloody cameras - the dickhead that just sped past you slows to 15k's below the limit for the camera thereby blocking you off, so you go to go around them and then they speed up again.
  18. They use similar false-logic with the photos. You are NOT meant to be fined if two vehicles are in the infringement photo as apparently this means they can't distinguish which vehicle is speeding. The problem? It is the radar, not the photo that measures the speed, duh! The radar could be confused by two or three adjacent vehicles, but if the photo is cropped or taken to show only one car then it is a legitimate fine. What a load of @#$%! It's totally flawed and illogical.

    It fascinates me that in this flawed, unreasonable system the motoring public are treated as hoons and criminals and automatically presumed guilty. I'm not sure how this system meets any basic legal requirement of proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt, and it is a scandal that such a flawed system operates in conjunction with near zero-tolerance. Steve Bracks...what a weasel....

    As an aside, I know I am a less safe rider and driver because so much of my attention is spent on speedo watching instead of watching the road and other vehicles. Also very comforting knowing that other drivers on the road are watching their speedo instead of me on my bike. "But officer, I know I didn't see the motorcyclist. I was busy watching my speedo to make sure I stayed under 50. I was being SAFE."

    N.B. I have only had one camera fine in 14 years so I have no big beef here, it's just what I think....
  19. I understand your point but cameras such as those on alexandra parade clifton hill/fitzroy have under road sensors and time management systems that detect which lane set the camera off, so you can get a fine even with 2 or 3 vehicles in the shot. I def. agree with you are NOT meant to be fined... but it does happen. Why?? Because most people can't be arsed putting up a fight. Seriously, Today Tonight etc etc etc have someone on every 6 months saying "BRAND NEW WAY TO AVOID SPEEDING FINES!!!! It's called: Argue argue argue make THEM prove it. It's a lot harder than it looks. Best thing ever being on the fine itself: "Alleged Speed". Make them prove the camera was calibrated that day.
  20. So if I get a bike with a sidecar...