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Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dog3oy, May 12, 2005.

  1. I pass a speed camera everyday and its only facing one direction but getting both directions of traffic.

    If i pass it head on and it goes off how do they fine me?

    and if the trigger is the magnetic strip in the road (i can see the lines) how does this pick up bikes, I have trouble with boomgates so how can the camera sense I'm crossing the road at speed?

    please someone enlighten me

  2. boomgates - do you drive a train or do you ride your bikes on the track?
  3. monorail !
  4. Do you get fined when you speed past, facing it? Didn't think so.
    That's why they want front number plates!
  5. They dont. The camera simply picks up another image that gets discarded for lack of usable ID. Happens all the time.

    Speed cameras dont use mag strips (or induction grids) they use optical or radar ranging. When you see the two lines on the road for speed checks (and these are typically used for traffic monitoring rather than enforcement) they are actually pneumatic/hydraulic - they work by pressure so are much more likely to pick up your bike crossing than the induction grids at traffic lights and boom gates.
  6. Front nuber plates, hm, there is a thing that would look nice on those flash new spotsbikes :D
  7. he's talking about the induction lines mounted in three's in the road ahead of fixed speed cameras, not the rubber pneumatic lines temporarily stapled to the road by the rta/vicroads etc
  8. Bonox is right,
    the lines are cut groves in the road, usually 3 lines in each lane of set from the next lane.

    if i ride down the middle of the lane and miss the lines will this still trigger the camera ?
  9. What are you worried about you are lucky if you can get that NX fast enough to get a fine anyway.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: