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N/A | National speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rat man407, May 7, 2012.

  1. i'm not sure it if this is in the right area but i'm going to ask it anyway

    you know how we only have plates on the back of bikes and speed cameras are pointed at an angle.
    So does that me if we are riding in to a speed cameras that we can't get fined becasue it can't get your rego plate or is there someway there still can?

  2. Confirmed. Unless they can match the vehicle to the plate, they cannot identify the owner of the vehicle.. and since you have a helmet on it would be a huge effort to prove that you were the rider during that kodak moment.

    It is very plausible to argue that someone with very similar riding gear which owns a similar model bike was in that shot.

    Under the law of the land, you are innocent until proven guilty.. and you must be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    How often have you heard people (mainly chicks) that complain about someone wearing the same dress, shoes or earrings as they are... how often have people mistaken someone for someone else on the streets... and go to hug them only to realize that they weren't who they thought they were... hehe those moments are funny :grin:

    .. but that is no invitation to speed past cameras facing you.. It may be difficult to prove, but if your gear has any distinguishing features that can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were the one operating the bike.. the case of mistaken identity will not hold very well.. and would work against you if the bike in the snap shot also uncannily matches the one you happen to own, as the prosecution can now move to also prove you were giving false statement in court.
  3. Remember that whilst you might not be detected, its not a good idea to speed through them because it wil add ammunition for the police to try to introduce frontal identification.
  4. Yeah, we don't want front plates like the old bikes.
  5. Most mobile speed traps in Victoria are setup to take a rear photo. Some fixed locations take forward shots but they are much rarer.
  6. What planet are you from? *shakes head*

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  7. How are they going to have any idea who the bike belongs to without a plate?
  8. Unfortunately I have some bad news for you.

    A friend of mine was pinged by the Millers Rd fixed camera. Same bike, near identical plate......different jacket.

    He got the picture from the traffic camera office and part of the plate is blurred. He got his friend's photos from the day showing him wearing a different jacket to the rider in the picture. He went to court because he knew he was innocent.

    At the 11th hour his lawyer instructed him to cop it on the chin because he was going down for it. The lawyer knew the madge well enough to know he was fucked, the madge was going to take the flimsy evidence as proof.

    You know that concept of innocent until proven guilty? It doesn't apply to traffic offenses. You must prove your innocence and my mate didn't have enough evidence to get the job done.

    One month suspension for a failed system.
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  9. As others said, even if there is no risk of getting caught, do not speed through speed cameras even they are facing the wrong way. It screws us all as it is used as ammunition to fight for front facing number plates. http://www.walk.com.au/pedestriancouncil/Page.asp?PageID=675

    Each infringement to the front of a bike is far more costly to us an overall group than any individual ticket would be.
  10. hahahahahahahah oh you're adorable.
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  11. I've been to court a few times for speeding... and that's the info I got from the cheap lawyers I hired to represent me. I suppose I should know better by now that we are never innocent until proven guilty... I want to believe.. Have faith.. Have hope..

    .. bah who am I kidding...

    As a side note, I did better representing myself than when I hired the chumpette - we got slaughtered! At least I walked away with a reduced fine, the points and suspension stuck though.. <insert grumble>
  12. The newer cameras that some jurisdictions are buying are setup to take two photos, one coming towards them and one gong away.

    But the vast majority of cameras in Victoria are set to take a photo of the rear plate.
  13. shrugs.. I did say difficult to prove, and as chef said, even the thinnest of straws can be clutched and used.. It's harder to fight an infringement notice than to issue one.

    Personally, I don't chance it, if there's a camera, then I crawl past it.. Lost my license way too many times to make any further donation$ to them chumps.

    I found out last night (i'm a little slow on the news) Average speed measurement zones have popped up in NSW, where they calculate the average speed traveled between certain points of the road.

    it will only be a matter of time before our motorways are fitted with these things at toll points... so much for easing congestion..
  14. Something similar happened to my son. He was supposedly snapped doing 140kmh in an 80 zone around Greensborough. Fortunately he avoided court and the fine altogether because he could prove without doubt that it wasn't him. He was on attachment to Holsworthy in NSW at the time.

    Oh and in NSW the mobile cameras take 2 pictures (one from in front and one behind) and I believe video as well.
  15. i don't speed past them i i was just wondering becasue to get to work i have to ride past 2 fixed ones and i'm in nsw so yeah i was not planing on speeding past them anyway