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Speed cameras turn people into morons [ACT]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Was riding along Canberra Avenue this morning, which is 100km/h zone joining Canberra to Queanbeyan, and there was a speed camera van parked on the side of the road. The fact it was there to start with was pretty funny cause between 7:30-9 you're lucky to be even doing 40 km/h so I think he'll be missing his quota today, but i digress. I was still amazed to see that while travelling 40 in a 100 zone, people were still getting on the brakes and then accelerating away from the speed camera van after passing it!!! And just to show it wasn't a one off, four other people from work noticed the same thing!!

    I was just dumbfounded that people doing 60 under the speed limit were still jamming on the brakes simply from the sight of a speed camera van!!!

  2. Yeah, they've moved on from using radar and laser to detect speed, and are now relying on 'stupid rays'.
  3. Doesn't help that around 10-12 new speed cameras were meant to be installed around Canberra before the end of July.
  4. Did you noticed they're all on f#cken highways too, some which have been dropped from 100 to 80....
  5. Yeah, the Monaro and the Barton copped a fair few of them.

    I'm fairly lucky, only one of the camera's will (it isn't installed yet...at least as of Friday) effect me on my general day to day travels.

    I am thoroughly sick of checking my speedo every 1.5 seconds. If speed enforcement was more lenient I can tell you I wouldn't be going that much faster on your regular 60km/h roads...but my bloody eyes would be glued to the road and the road only.

    Open highways are a dfferent story :p :twisted:.
  6. Yep agree though it's farking dangerous when all of a sudden everyone jumps on the brakes but gotta admit i am one of those people too..... atm i don't have any points to spare (lost them all in the cage too :roll: ) :LOL: so yep i will slow to a bit below the limit (not to 60 in a hundred zone) to allow for any so called differences in my speedo to there so called accurate radars :roll:

    Lose my license atm and I lose my job/property/plus puts a huge strain on the relationship with only me being able to drive etc.....

    I just try and scan further ahead of the traffic to pick them up earlier and then allow the traffic ahead a bit more space :)
  7. It just sh!ts me the mindset that cameras have given people that you instantly have to tap your brakes, in this case when they're already doing 40-60 kms under the limit.
  8. Yeah... if Australian Drivers actually knew how to drive we could be driving around at 150 and it wouldn't matter. :evil:
  9. What's funny is that the operators can actually choose to go out either the front or back windscreens with the cameras, so if you slow down then plant it afterwards, you could still get done.
  10. That is so un Australian, putting speedtraps on a highway called the Monaro! They should at least allow Holden V8s to travel at speed, fcuking communists! :twisted: :twisted:
  11. well speed cameras don't help !! all they are is revenue raisers.. if there was a 10kph tolerance in vic .. people here would not shit their pants & do 10kph under the limit. when you see a camera :p

    I can't speak for all, but there are ALOT of coppers that are lenient, I have never been done.. but they have told me if its' not all that busy and on 100kph zone freeway which is now 80kph(argh) they will have a personal tolerance of up to 15kph on the laser gun.

    I think that is fair, well even 10kph will be fair... and if you know the princes fwy, majority of people go through the 80zone(roadworks) at 100kph and over.

    I live right off of princes fwy and I have never seen, or heard of accidents caused by doing above the limit by 10-20kph. I do however; hear of rear ends that are caused when bunching up of cars. and going the wrong way up the freeway. but thats' all.

    as an rta advocate would say... a posted limit is just that, and it can still be safe to do above that with in reason.

    One last thing I believe, the government feeds us too many bullshizzle, every K over is a killer? come on!!

    Well there's my opinion anyway... :)
  12. Dont make me throw up matti, its bad enough they named a highway after 2 door bombadore but now you want those V8 deathtraps to be able to go faster.... shame on you :LOL:

  13. Yeah but those Canberrians cant pronounce Monaro properly (mon-air-o vs mon-r-o) :p

    Yes I realise Holden actually got it wrong in the 60's but Canberra is such an easy target.
  14. are any of the new ones even installed yet??

    btw, went past the van as he was setting up.... gotta love the hazard lights flashing as they setup and pull down
  15. They've got them on the Parkway, but I'm not sure if they're operational yet? Every morning/night I see people flying through them.

  16. Maaaate! I was stuck in that bullshit, I had to lanesplit a lot of traffic! The traffic was slowing to a CRAWL when I went through there, what a friggin joke. Just shows most people have no idea what the speed limit is through there(not paying attention), which is why I often encounter people doing 70-80 km/h there when there is no traffic!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I find that canberrans seem to slow down whenever there is anything on the side of the road. Well they especially seem to on the parkway. The other day there was a guy on his mobile phone pulled over the side of the road and the traffic all slowed down to go past and look at him and then speed back up again. It is so annoying. Sometimes the parkway seems to slow down to look at a dead kangaroo on the side....
  18. We slow down because half the time as there is a live kangaroo or two about to make the same mistake as the dead one.
  19. I just got back from the IOM TT and riding in the UK. It was sheer pleasure to ride in the UK. Trucks styed hard left unless overtaking,slow cars the next lane, cars going a bit quicker in the next nad outside lane is for overtaking or goin quick. It is against the law in UK to pass on the left hand side so everyone pretty much stays left and flashes ya if you are goin too slow for the lane to get outta the way. We shipped our blackbird over and if i wasnt doin 150kmh or above on the outside lane, i shouldnt be there. I managed to talk to couple of pc plods along the way. The general way of thinking is you wont get knicked by them until over 90MPH except for the FIXED speed cameras which have a setting of approx 79MPH and my tomtom had them programmed as to their locations. Downloaded them before we left OZ.
    Now, here we were coming back from scotland(freezing our arses of) at 170KPH and we were still being passed by cars from little ford fiesa's to the latest beemer. Oh thats right.....the traffic just flowed!!! We only saw the one accident whilst we were there and a vauxhall combo van looked as if it ran up the center strip. Drivers are courtious too. If I wanted to pull out and pass and there was a vehicle coming up on the outside lane they would flash me to say i was right to go.
    Aussie drivers, after my experience, would have to be the worst f*%king drivers on the face of the earth. Havent been to the US of A but they look pretty bad too. All I know is we need some education here in OZ.
    Maybe all the worlds rotten drivers migrate to Australia :? :?
  20. European drivers (while a bit crazy!) sh!t over the ones here in all areas. I only wish drivers had the same attitudes as the ones you describe. I give someone a quick flash to let them know I'm wanting to get past, and I get the finger!