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Speed cameras to be replaced...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gromit, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Great, just what we need.
    Hey, on the subject of speed cameras, etc, last year it was reported that the Vic gomint was going to install cameras on the highway that were linked together and recorded your total distance time in the same manner as the truckers' cameras do. If you covered the distance in a faster time than was allowed you were deemed to be speeding and would be fined. Did that ever happen or was it just a furphy?
  2. old news
  3. grrrr. try that here. just try.

    watch as hundreds of thousands of people overthrow the money hungry government while rioting in the streets.


  4. during the initial testing stages (the last 5 years) Australia helped pay for it :)
    Saddest part was they never hid the fact and a few of us have raised the issues before :)
  5. Yeh but you didn't answer the question, is the fixed cameras at spaced locations in use or not?
    I need to know cos I'm probably going to Melb to visit my son on the Long Weekend (not that I'm planning to speed, of course)
  6. that's fine, if some country wants to do it they can knock themselves out. But tell me I have to strap on of those to my bike, and i'll burn the thing in front of parliament house.
  7. As far as i know mate they arent in use yet,probably still conducting multi million dollar trials at our expense. :roll:
  8. Thank you
    I was sure that if it had been brought in something would have been said, but then again, you can't trust the bureaucrats can you?
  9. No worries mate :wink: Yeah i reckon they'd be raving about how its gonna drastically reduce the road toll and save us speed hoons from ourselves :LOL: The words trust and bureaucrat dont fit well in a sentence :LOL:
  10. i wonder if the system can also flip your car like the one on that page if you do speed
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I keep thinking of t"Demolition Man" where everytime he swears, speeds, farts etc he gets a fine...

    Beware people - this stuff is sold to Governments on the back of "public safety" with the politicians and publics servants thinking "revenue"....

    Having said that - I THINK the public around the world is getting just a tad tired of "regulation"....Maybe it's time for some anarchy eh??!!

  13. fyi: Holdens telemetrics system has the technical abilty to do this allready. all it would take is an extra couple of lines of code writen ito the firmware.