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Speed Cameras (Punt Road VIC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Jez79, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Hiya,

    Does anyone know of any speed cameras operating on Punt Rd between Swan and Bridge street?

    May have inadvertantly nudged the limit the other day..

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. Thanks Dogo, appreciate that. Main concern was that I saw one of those mini camera looking things that hangs from the street lights. Well actually, they look like the CCTV units in a supermarket, does anyone know what these are? They kind of llok like this.. (see below my dodgy drawing)

  4. How the hell could you NOT see a speed camera between these roads? I literally live like 50-100 metres from the cnr of swan + punt and there isn't a place a car could park with a camera "in hiding". If anything, live by the mantra of never riding past a parked car on the same side of the street and be over the speed limit. That way you just can't get done by those ones at least. Just the hidden cameras like the ones on the road going to geelong from the westgate. :eek:

    It's pretty easy to reach a high speed between these roads (when there isn't LOADS of traffic) :-w So, just be careful :)

    And on that note, I am officially of the status of having no speed points against me (bloody hard in Victoria!) :grin:
  5. Easy done. Just hold an interstate licence!

  6. From experience of seeing speed cameras, I think these "tiny" ones aren't speed cameras due to not having something that can detect your speed (i.e a sonar screen or whatever they are called), kinda like:


    But that's my non official educated on the subject opinion :)

  7. Easy done on which point? The seeing of speed cameras, riding past a car without speeding or me not having points AND living in the same state of that licence :wink:
  8. I'll take a guess that its a traffic monitoring camera.
    Probably cctv for the traffic reports etc

    Or a "safe city" ( or whatever theyre called ) camera like they have in the city. Maybe to look after people coming/going from MCG
  9. No need to guess. They are traffic monitoring cameras. There's 100's of them all over the freeways and major arterials.

  10. The only one I am aware of on Punt Rd is on the corner of Domain Rd (northbound only).

    BTW the limit is 70 on most of that stretch between Swan & Bridge. Stating the bleeding obvious maybe...

  11. Thanks all, just what I wanted to hear. Initially I thought the traffic monitoring cameras were a new type of speed camera, stooopid me..

    Cheers, J.
  12. There are also cameras at the corner of Victoria St in both directions.
  13. Don't suppose anyone knows how to get footage from them or request it? I've recently had my car written off by a guy running a red light. He claims "that he thought it was green", which is crap. No red light camera, but i did notice the CCTV style enclosure.

    Insurance has paid up so i'm not concerned (he ran an arrow, so if it was a case of my word against his, the only concrete evidence is that he failed to give way), but i'd like to know who monitors these cameras and how to request footage if needed.

  14. that 2nd one looks like some crazy weapon off a helicopter!
  15. [​IMG]

    i reckon if your living in Vic, you'll get cop a bigger bill if u get shot by the setup in the above photo, compared with below... :roll:

  16. Bloody oath! Those thingies on the side looked like TOW missiles mounts!