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VIC Speed cameras on Hume freeway melbourne

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Captn Spock, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Just heard some bloke at work say that speed cameras on Hume freeway are Point to Point and that they calculate average speed between 2 cameras?

    A bit worried now since yesterday's run upto Broadford. Wasn't speeding per say but did overtake a couple of slow buggers and that would push out my average slightly..

    Read a few news articles as recent as September 2011 that they were turned off due to incorrect fines being issued since Oct last year. Anyone know if these have been turned on again?
  2. Yes they are point to point, yes they were turned off due to inaccuracy, No don't know if they have since been reactivated.
  3. This tells me you're basing your speed on your speedo and with cars passing you all the time I'd say you have a typical motorcycle speedo reading well over your actual speed....

    Many read up to 10% over...

    I'd say you have nothing to worry about...
  4. Correct. I do know my speedo is not calibrated to reflect actual speeds like most other stock motorcycles. And to that effect I was mostly sitting at 110 kmph according to my speedo(ergo on speed limit) with only occassional overtake manoeuvre taking me upto 120ish...

    Just hoping for
    a) the cameras aren't turned on! and/or
    b) my average was under 113 kmph...
  5. I'd say you are safe
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  6. I had a run up and back through there on the weekend in the cage. I hope their off too if not I'll let you know in a couple of weeks. (and the ones in NSW)
  7. I encountered a P2P between Cooma and Canberra (during the Snowy Ride weekend) but only noticed it on the return trip. Had a yarn to some truckies in the Maccas at Cooma and they said I had nothing to worry about, that one is more for catching heavy vehicles..... So far so good re unpleasant surprises in the post.
  8. They are off as far as I'm concerned...
  9. The flash units seem to be working again (you seem to be able to tell at night being infra red) but as best I know they're not booking anyone until they sort out a few issues.

    The original problem was that two of the cameras had their internal clocks set to the incorrect time and that threw the averaging calculations somewhat out.
  10. After the VIC Auditor-General's report on speed cameras was released recently, Police Minister Peter Ryan made it quite clear that the public would be notified well in advance of the Hume P2P cameras being re-activated. No, I don't have a link.
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  11. Nah, they are for heavy vehicle traffic tracking. Nothing to do with cars if it is the safe-t cam system. Done a few trips up that way, possibly a fair bit in excess without issue...
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  12. Update on this : It has been 10 business days since this and I have not received anything in the mail. I guess these cameras are either still turned off or I managed to get just under. Thanks for your comments...
  13. The point to point camera in NSW are currently for heavy vehicles only. However, my guess is that this will change.
  14. Can take a while for them to process them sometimes.

    I got pinged by a camera in Reservior nearly two months ago in a company car and although the fleet management got a notification that the vehicle got pinged & I immediately admitted to being the driver I still haven't seen the paperwork yet.

    I'm pretty sure the Hume cameras aren't working at the moment so you should be safe.
  15. Hot off the press.


    So the question has to be in the two years they've been turned off has there been an upward spike in crashes and injuries on the Campbellfield - Broadford section of the Hume and can we expect a downward spike once they're turned on again??
  16. If Victoria's truly appalling record of malfunctioning and mismanaged speed cameras is anything to go by, yes you damn well do.
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  17. It's really a shame the vandals out there insist on destroying private property instead of taking out their destructive urges on things like speed cameras and HWP cars.
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  18. 19000 offences in 2 months and 22 fatalities in three years. Clearly, offences are a leading cause.
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  19. where all those 22 fatals between Coopers St & Broadford or the entire run to Wodonga though??

    Mind you the worse section (narrow, tighter bends, trees nice and close) is actually just past where these cameras stop being the Broadford - Seymour section of the freeway.