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QLD Speed Cameras more accurate than ever!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Big W, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. If there was ever evidence that speed camera's were a crock of poo - than this is it!

    Granted it's only one example but is there anyone actually naive enough to think that these mistakes don't happen on a regular basis with the number of camera's & amount of fines handed out? Is this really the only time this has happened? How many of these fines are sent out only to be paid by clueless mororists?

  2. Hehe saw this article this morning. But I have to say, the guy took it with a good sense of humour and good for him, no point in getting cranky about it, he's obviously not going to need to pay it.

    And if any "clueless motorists" are dumb enough to pay, then heaven help them. They probably shouldn't be driving... :whistle:
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  3. I call this "stupidity tax". ;)
  4. He must have been doing 100.3 kph but they haven't fixed up the printing to include decimal places. Strange though - I always thought it would be Victoria first to go to those margins...
  5. He will have been clocked at 103k or 102 depending on the error margin under QLD structures. They applied the uncertainty figure which bought it back to 100. The software obviously has a boundary condition error, well know to programmers as a bugbear that catches you from time to time. Funny though ;)
  6. Media stunt to alert road users ... who may, or may not, pay attention ... to the recent move to tighten tolerances.

    You have been warned
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