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Speed Cameras - Looks Like We'll Be Getting a Few More.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. An ad from a Mornington Peninsula local newspaper.


  2. someone apply and then be very selective about which drivers to photograph, 'hide' in plain sight, make sure you get all the knobs doing 20 under in the right hand lane etc...
  3. Reduce the road toll my arse.

    Successful applicants will have either a severely distorted or non-existent value system whereby they feel comfortable with imposing what could be significant financial hardship for a low-income individual for an act which in itself is unlikely to have incurred any statistically significant additional risk to the community, while depriving said individual of the right to due process and judicial review.
  4. Awesome......... its just what we need. Drove to geelong over the weekend, there is more camera's down that freeway than there is cars LOL

    "your job is to reduce the road toll" :confused:

    they are probably doing their xmas hiring same as myer etc...... getting ready for the busy period :s
  5. So does "experience with conflict resolution" really mean "ability to defend yourself should a disgruntled motorist notice you"?
  6. hehe. was thinking the same...
  7. Pity you cant send anthrax via email.
  8. I thought it would mean you have to duck fast when you get shot at
  9. These things will never be uninvented. Get used to it.
  10. Please remember the Eureka Stockade... the people rose up against an unjust tax and won.

  11. No way will you get a public uprising going, but you are welcome to try
  12. They were real men. Men of today wish they could be mere shadows of those of gone, cuddled and kissed and groomed to the point where our balls have rotted away. Yourself and I included.

    If there is an exception, its the OMG's...
  13. I was discussing this at length with my housemate yesterday. It began when I started to notice all of the ads featuring 'stupid' men. I commented on how it's funny and cute for a man to be stupid but these ads would be very different if the woman was the one who was stupid. **** this. I'm going to go buy a carton of Hammer and Tongs and a pack og Winnie Reds. :p
  14. Unfortunately, MV is right. We're all too lazy to uprise. And if we did, all the people out there who like these nanny laws would write us all stern letters.
  15. we're writing our own fate as we type...
  16. I've had lengthy discussions about this with friends of various nationalities and they tend to agree with me in that Australia really doesn't have a national identity. We are a nation of immigrants, everyone is from somewhere else (including the Anglo Aussies who are descendants of the convicts). I think it's because of this that we don't tend to band together to fight for anything, unlike other nations. Take the Indian students for example, they feel threatened and what happens? They take to the streets in their thousands and voice their concerns. The media gets behind them and puts the govt under pressure to act. Brumby takes a holiday to India to look like he's doing something about it etc...

    We (or i for one) don't share a common ground with our neighbors. We keep our distances and politely avoid strangers. This means that when we don't like something (be it politics, community issues etc) we don't have that immediate link where we can group together to fight for a common cause. It's almost like we're a nation of minority groups, and even when several want the same thing we have no idea how to go about getting something done about it. So we just sit back and say "well there's nothing i can do about it" or "even if we did say something it wouldn't make a difference". The Eureka Stockade is but a distant memory.

    I'm not sure if all that made any sense, but i've been thinking about the issue for a while now.
  17. No but we can threaten peoples lives enough to scare ANYONE from doing the job ever again :)
  18. Ha, even the job ads for speed cameras is full of shit! Your job is to reduce the road toll. Name one speed camera operator that has saved a life.
  19. The guy I rode past the other day. I mean he was there with his 'safety camera', I rode on by, and I wasn't even slightly killed.

    Should buy him a beer someday to thank him for his selfless act of charity.