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Speed Cameras in the news...again (Victoria)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Yep seems like there's been another incident of speed cameras booking people not actually travelling over the limit. Full Article

  2. Wasn't the speed camera this time , but the operater . Was in yesterdays paper . He moved from where he was (a 70 zone) across to the other side (other direction) because of the sun but didnt realise that that side was an 80 zone and didnt change the settings.
  3. To quote the legendary Homer (Simpson) DOH!
  4. Speed Cameras

    Politics/fairness of speed cameras aside, the comments of the opposition shit me. Some bloke who gets paid a pittance to sit in a car all day and do bugger all makes a stupid mistake and apparently that warrants a minister of government resignation! For f#^%'s sake. If you were in the Police Minister's shoes and had worked hard for many years to get where he was, would you instantly resign when some low-paid seat-filler does something stupid like this? The opposition leader, someone who actually has some influence to change things, should have taken the smart tact(as the RACV guy did) and attacked the system which allows the bloke to make the mistake.
  5. I'd have no problem with the opposition riling up if they actually pledged to get rid of speed cameras if elected.
  6. Re: Speed Cameras

    I am not sure if you are from Victoria, but if so, you would know there are plenty of other good reasons why the Police Minister (Tim Holding) should resign - refusing to read a crucial memo because of a typo for instance :LOL:
  7. if there were no speed cameras then the politicians would have to take a paycut....c'mon!
  8. Well... they do have to make a big noise about the operator of the cameras... because otherwise they'd have to admit there was a problem with the system... and that's not going to happen now is it :)