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speed cameras facing you.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. yes....I don't give a sh1t

  2. I comply with the speed limit like a an angel

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  3. never thought about it before

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  1. I used to speed past speed cameras that faced me content in the knowledge that they can't identify me. \:D/

    But as a guy at work and I were having a discussion about bikes etc, he made me realise that by doing so, I was not really looking out for the betterment of the bike community at all, and I have since kerbed my ways back to a law abiding motorcyclist when passing camera facing my way. :angel:

    He said if enough bikes sped past facing cameras, it would give the governments a mandate to introduce (thinking back to the dark ages now) forward facing rego plates or electronic tagging for identification puposes. :furious:

    I'm sure we all don't want those scenarios

    So the question is put out here..................do you speed past cameras facing you????

  2. Not on the bike: for the reason mentioned.

    Accidentally did it in the car a few weeks ago, though :mad:
  3. As above, except for the getting done in the car bit. :p
  4. No I don't. a) because its me, and b) for reasons you mentioned, and I generally chew out those who do speed past them, as its just making things worse for us, bad media, etc. And of course if it gives them enough reason to put in reverse facing cameras, not worth it. Besides, you only have to slow down for a few seconds.
  5. I never speed, I never park in car spots, I never lane split, I never accelerate to get through on amber, I never let any air get under my front wheel, I never do anything naughty, in fact my only vice is telling lies.
  6. If you are going to speed through one I reckon you should turn your head so in the photo it looks like someone's chasing you :LOL:
  7. I've thought about this before, and haven't actually sped past a camera in either direction, but had the been thinking i only need to watch the left side of the road...
  8. And at night just look for the only parked car that actually has it's parking lights on (least they do in rural areas).
  9. i go as fast as is necessary. i dont change speed for cameras, nor have i ever been photographed by one ;)
  11. Try not to speed through front facing greed scameras, so I don't give them any encouragement to turn the cameras around.
  12. I look at them with a satanic stare :evil: :evil: picturing myself laughing in an evil hysteric tone as I angle grind the camera to the ground! :twisted: :twisted:
  13. I do give them the finger as I go past, though.
  14. glad i'm not the only one then :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Never speed through a camera. We get enough shit as it is. Just cause we can, doesnt mean we should.
  16. Brisbane cameras start FRIDAY...unsigned on the bridge as far as I can see...bastards...Whats the point of that? ...save lives my arse...All I'm going to say is keep an eye out for a crappy 250 suzuki and a large arse crack and maybe a double backwards finger on today tonight... THE ONLY hesitation I have is having front plates jammed on us... which lets face it they have tried before and will probably succeed along with all the other useless crap they force onto us.
  17. take your plate off the back and away u go!
  18. same, i'm sure i've been snapped more then once speeding, never gotten a ticket, fck em.
  19. yes....I don't give a sh1t
  20. there are sped cameras on the sides of the road? :LOL:

    i keep an eye out for parked cars on the sides, theyre always manned i vic yeah? like to slow down for them.

    but fixed cameras, they only point towards you not at your rear? rarely even see em, dont think i'd care if i did, unless it was to come back at 3am, and introduce it to my friend thermite :)