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Speed cameras cause a THIRD of all road fatalities!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ~DadAgain~, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Bit of analysis from the UK... lots of number crunching in here - but the gist of it is that the one-eyed focus on speed is inflating the death toll by a LOT:

  2. I'm good at predicting stuff
  3. Love the conclusions, but the data is so sketchy that it is really drawing some very unrelated conclusions…
    I state this based on the following quotes

    So they are willing to agree that there modelling is out, but then later on point at a very small deviation as being significant.
  4. and pirates are a cooling influence.


  5. Not from one eye on the speedo.

    But driving back from Sydney on Sunday coming around a corner at 110 with no one speeding, cars in front of me slam on the anchors and cars to the right do the same thing, how no one crashed I have no idea.

    Taking your going around a corner and confronted with a car in the middle of the road with the front aimed at you can be a shock, put in also a cop with his little piggy face looking at you most people’s response is to go for the brake, stupid A holes.

    Also two cop cars drove past a dead wombat in the middle of the road that could kill a bike rider or cause a car accident but latter found them setting up their little speed trap.
  6. But "Wombats Kill" just doesn't have the same impact as the other lies they feed us ;)
  7. SafeSpeed definitely have an agenda. Whilst their website does contain some good information you should not always take it at face value
  8. Their agenda is not a hidden one - and actually yes I agree their mathematical analysis is questionable. (For one what happens to the data after 2003?)

    Having said that - they do raise a valid point about massive increase in cameras clearly NOT resulting in a massive increase in safety.
  9. oh I understand - after all they are a pressure group. I even agree with their message. It's just that like most pressure groups the information on their pages is very one-sided so don't neccessarily take everything at face value
  10. It appears the "SafeSpeed" site has pretty much ground to a halt since the founder, Paul Smith died a couple of years ago.....
  11. I wonder if the University of East Anglia in the UK did the number crunching for them ?
  12. Gold, Luke, solid gold.
  13. There. Fixed that for local context.
  14. Yep, you got that right.

    I wonder how they will explain the massive increase in people booked vs the decrease in fatalities. On past experience they *should* say "more poeple exceeding the pathetically low speed limits causes fewer fatalities" but somehow I don't think that is how they'll spin it...