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speed cameras can be contested if you put in the time

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Z900, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Well just returned from court for 70 in a 60 and decieded to contest just to keep the barstards hounest.Prosecuter decieded to offer no fine no costs but 1 demerit point with no conviction.So this proves courts and prosecuters will deal if they have to waste time in court.According to the prosecuter this is not unusual.This took 10 minutes in court to save $125 so per hourly rate it pays to use the system sometimes

  2. So 10 minutes in court,
    1 hour waiting for the case to start,
    1 hour travelling to and from the court,
    time off work a total of say 3-4 hours,
    all to save $125 and you still lost a demerit point!

    Personally I'd have paid the $125 and be done with it.

    Assuming you did the crime of course......
  3. Personally I'd be more worried about the demerit point then the fine.

    Think I got done in a 50 zone yesterday when I know for a fact I was doing about 35 stuck behind some 600 year old Crown driven by a similarly aged greek guy. Certainly had my photo taken and boy am I gonna be arguing the point if I get a letter in the mail.
  4. Good on you Z900, don't liten to the nay-sayers. The really important part is in bold. The with no conviction is bllody good. It's actually call "Conviction not recorded" and can save you, because next time you get done and they ask have you been convicted before you can safely and honestly say NO. If this was your first traffic offense, forget it, it's never allowed to be used against you in any other proceedings.

    I've got one of these from when I was actively protesting and we broke into the Democrats office in North Sydney. Conviction not recorded meant that my 'break and enter' conviction can never be mentioned in court or used as a prior offense when determining sentencing etc.

    My 2c. 8)
  5. Good stuff.

    But yeah I would have prefered to do without the loss of points, because you have to pay for it evertime you go for insurance in the next five years. Also in NSW you loose your gold license, so that costs more too.

    But good on you for challenging the system